How to organize a yard sale?

If you are planning to relocate to a new house, you must have a lot of stuff that you don’t want to take with you. Saving space for what you need to bring is essential, so let’s look at what can you do with the rest. We are going to cover every necessary step that will help you organize a yard sale. In other words, will go about how to get rid of the stuff you don’t use anymore.

As with everything else, planning a yard sale is crucial. Do not rush into anything without thinking through first. It is your opportunity to earn some money, so be smart about it.

Be ready when the movers come

If you are looking at household goods relocation assistance, the best option is to find a reliable moving company. Be sure to organize a yard sale on time, because you have to be ready when they come to pick up your stuff. With this in mind, start planning as soon as possible. To successfully organize a yard sale, you need to:

  • categorize your merchandise
  • set up a price
  • prepare the space
  • advertise

With these four simple steps, you are a step closer to organize a yard sale.

Find help!

If you wish to quickly organize a yard sale without any problems, you need to find assistance for your short distance relocation project. Doing everything by yourself is not good, and you are risking a lot. You will have to deal with extra stress since everything is on your shoulders, so try to avoid that problem.

Talk with members of your family and have them help with what they can. If you have kids, they can make some lemonade to treat the shoppers. Consequently, they will feel refreshed and satisfied. Go an extra mile to create a pleasant setting, and it will pay out at the end.

How to organize a yard sale?
Choose a sunny day for your yard sale.

Categorized your merchandise

One of the best local moving tips is to decide what to keep when you move. In other words, make a list and categorize all your possessions that you wish to sell. Separate them by purpose and prepare them for the sale. If you are selling clothes, make sure they are washed and neatly folded.

How much?

This is the question that you will hear all day long. When your customers are asking for a price, it means they are interested. Set up your prices to match up the budget of your potential buyers. You all live in the same neighborhood, so you can have a good guess about how much money everyone earn and spend.

Also, have in mind that this is a yard sale, not a boutique, so don’t go nuts with the cost of your thing.

Prepare your lawn

Best is to organize a yard sale in front of your house. If you have a lawn, prepare it one day before the event. Mow the lawn and put some tables out, it will be easier to look at displayed items on a table, than to pick them up from the ground or a box. If you make it easily accessible to the eye, it is most likely to sell. Your potential buyers have to see everything you are selling since they will not bother to go and search your boxes for something that they might need.

Organized table at a yard sale
Set up tables and organize all items for sale so they are easily accessible

If you do put some items on the ground, make sure to put a tarp underneath. The grass is dirty, and it will ruin the display. To illustrate, if you took some to fold clothes neatly, and then you place them on the ground, you just made a huge mistake. No one will pick up dirty clothes. Best is to use a hanger!

Advertise your yard sale

One of the secrets to faster packing and moving is to be quick and do everything on time. Same applies here, advertise your yard sale a week or two weeks in advance. This way enough people will see the date and be ready. If you surprise them with a one day notice, they might not come as they already have some plans. Thinking smart will help you organize a yard sale that will earn you money.

A big yard sale on the meadow
Search if there is a yard sale in your neighborhood and join the party

Tips and tricks that will improve your yard sale

There are many things that you can do to organize a yard sale successfully. For instance, if you are selling electric appliances, try to avoid the question Is it still working? Prepare an electrical outlet so you can show that it still functions.

Everyone like a giveaway

Another great trick is to create a giveaway box. Find items that you don’t have to sell, as it will attract customers. If you are advertising a yard sale, and you mention a giveaway box, this will be a hit. Everyone will try to come early to get free stuff.

Show your manners

Be polite and inviting when shoppers arrive. Greet them and wish them a beautiful day, and then you need to leave them alone. Do not try to sell your stuff by talking to them too much. If they want to ask you something, they will.

Two ladies organize a yard sale with a smile on their faces
Always have a smile on your face, this will attract your customers and make you look good

If you wish to leave a good impression, have plastic grocery bags or old newspapers at hand. Give them away to your customers to pack what they buy.

Prepare your fanny pack

Also, have a lot of one dollar bills and coins with you, you will need them to give change back. It will make your life easy and you will sell more. If a buyer sees that you don’t have change, he might decide not to buy anything.

You are ready to move

Once the yard sale is done, donate what is left to charity organizations. It is always nice to help ones in need, so do not miss your change. Once all your stuff is sold out or donated, you are ready to move. If you are still thinking about a moving company that will satisfy your needs, go with Move On Relocation Nashville. It is imperative that you hire pros to handle your relocation, and we cannot offer a better choice!

This is how you organize a yard sale!

We hope that we showed you the right way to organize a yard sale. Show some respect for your customers and plan everything on time. Create a pleasant atmosphere and leave a good impression. Make your customers talk about you even after you move!