How to organize a successful garage sale

Organizing a yard sale is both exciting and fun. But as you want to sell as many things as possible, you need to make sure that you organize a successful garage sale. It is in your interest to succeed in selling the majority of the things you own but don’t need and to also earn some money back, so you need to make sure that your garage sale isn’t just a regular garage sale. That is why we decided to give you some of the tips that we believe are going to make your sale a success. And if that is what you want to achieve, keep on reading this article.

Plan the day

You need to make sure that you pick the right day to organize a successful garage sale. Having your sale on Tuesday won’t bring you a lot of buyers. This is because most people work during the working week so they don’t really have time to go to garage sales. Instead, we suggest organizing a yard sale on Saturday or Sunday. Try to do this even if you are moving on short notice.

A calendar.
Make sure that you plan your garage sale on the right day.

The time of the month is also something you should pay attention to. As most people get their paychecks in the first half of the month, a lot of them spend a lot of the money when they get the paycheck. Studies have proven that the first 20 days of the month are when people spend the most money and they stop shopping and spending so much when the month begins to end. Use this information when organizing a garage sale if you want to sell as many of the things as possible.

Organize the garage sale

Your garage sale needs to be well organized. While you are sorting out the things that you are going to sell, make sure you divide them into groups. This way it will be much easier for people to actually notice the things that you are selling. If you just throw everything together and call it a sale, you will most likely sell only a few items. Your garage sale needs to look neat and everything you are selling must be visible. Making labels also helps a lot when having a garage sale.

 A garage sale.
Divide the things you are selling into groups.

For example, if you have plenty of toys that you want to sell, divide them into plush toys and hard toys. Put them nicely separated but still on the same table or cloth or whatever you are using. This way all the toys will be together but they will still be divided into smaller groups. Put the labels in front of each group of the things you are selling. You should also do this for the clothes. And if you are moving to a climate you aren’t used to, you will have plenty of clothing. Do this for everything. If, however, you have some items that you can’t put into groups, make sure you make a label that says “random” or something that will catch the attention of the buyers. Doing these things guarantees a successful garage sale.