How to organize a move from California to Arizona during the coronavirus outbreak

Moving this year may be scary and intimidating because of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially moving to a new state. To have a stress-free move from California to Arizona during the coronavirus, you should be more careful and to organize everything in advance – in order to keep you and the people around you safe and healthy.

To avoid moving day mistakes we have some tips to help you out with this state to state move.

Stay home sign.
After a move from California to Arizona during the coronavirus outbreak, stay home and explore Arizona after the pandemic

Most popular cities in Arizona where people move to

When people are moving from CA to AZ where they move? What are the most popular cities in Arizona for newcomers? Some of the cities are:

  • Phoenix
  • Tucson
  • Scottsdale
  • Gilbert
  • Tempe

Costs of moving from CA to AZ

How much money will you need to move from California to Arizona during the coronavirus outbreak? The average cost is around $3,200 but it depends on the size of your move and the exact distance. Amid the coronavirus, prices may be a little bit different, but don’t worry, moving companies are still working. Calculating the costs and setting a moving budget is simple when you know what to expect.

Have a successful move from California to Arizona during the coronavirus

If moving is necessary and you cannot reschedule it, then you need to follow some rules when moving during the COVID-19 pandemic. Especially because the USA has the biggest number of infected people. Moving services are still available, so you can relocate with a moving company. But, here is what you should pay attention to

  • Contact your movers and confirm your reservation because many people have canceled the move from California to Arizona during the coronavirus.
  • Buy all your packing supplies in one go and try to stay at home as much as possible. If you are going to the store, buy everything that you need and make a list before you go out, and you won’t forget anything.
  • Clean as you pack to sanitize everything. Put everything in order before moving out and leave your home clean too. It is easier to clean items before you pack, so you will unpack faster.
  • If someone from your family was sick, notify movers, and also ask movers if someone from their team was sick from coronavirus.
  • Wear face masks and gloves when moving and also, movers should wear this protection too. Also, provide hygiene products such as soap, towels, and hand sanitizer in your home, so they can wash hands immediately.
  • If you are feeling sick and coronavirus symptoms, then cancel moving to Arizona during coronavirus and call your doctor ASAP.
Washing hands.
Wash your hands more frequently and pay more attention to hygiene

Move from California to Arizona during the coronavirus outbreak is not easy and many people are scared to go out. But, if you must move right now, then you don’t have a choice than to move by following these special rules about hygiene and social distancing. Many people are leaving CA, and AZ has a lot to offer such as lower costs of living.