How to organize a DIY move from Phoenix to Miami

Wondering how to organize a DIY move from Phoenix to Miami? We are here to help you out. You have to cover about 2300 miles to get to Miami from Phoenix, so things might get in the way. Before you start packing, you need a DIY move game plan. If you follow our instructions, you will know how to tackle every aspect of the move and relocate to Miami with minimal problems. Let’s begin. 

How to organize a DIY move from Phoenix to Miami – consider your budget 

The most significant benefit of planning a DIY move is saving money. But Pro Movers Miami  Miami still advises budgeting. They think if you plan out your finances ahead, you will save even more money. With a DIY move, you do not have to do everything by yourself but can hire movers for help with an aspect of the relocation. When moving from Phoenix to Miami, you will be spending most of your money on your trip to Miami and the rental truck. You should get familiar with the prices of gas and motels that are on your way to Miami. The less expensive things are packing materials. Try not to save a lot of money on them because they have to last you to Miami.

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A DIY move is affordable, but with a planned-out budget, you can save even more.

Planning out the route to Miami 

In this paragraph, we are going to talk about how to plan out the route to Miami. As we have said in the beginning, the distance from Phoenix to Miami is approximately 2300 that is a 36 hours drive. You are not driving 36 hours without rest to get to Miami. 

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How to organize a DIY move from Phoenix to Miami? Plan out your route.

The first thing you have to do is plan out the most optimal route. Try choosing a fast way with some attractions down the road. The second thing you have to decide is how much you are going to drive in one day. We recommend not being on the road for more than 8 hours a day. When you have decided on how much you are going to drive in a day, plan out where you are resting before you move on the next day. You should check for motels near your planned way to Miami. If you are can stick to your plan, you will arrive in Miami on time.  

Buying packing materials is the third step in the article about how to organize a DIY move from Phoenix to Miami

You can get the most affordable packing materials on the internet from sites like Amazon.

When buying packing materials, the essential item is the boxes. You can go two ways with the boxes, the first one is cardboard boxes and the second one are plastic bins. Both of those choices have their benefits and downsides. If you go with the cardboard boxes, you can get them cheap or even free from your local store in Phoenix. However, there are not as sturdy as plastic bins. With plastic containers, you will have to pay more money, but you will get extra security. And the main benefit of plastic boxes is that they are reusable. If you buy both types of containers, you will pay a reasonable amount and get the benefits of extra protection. 

three plastic containers if different colors
Plastic containers are more expensive but provide extra security.

When you are complete with boxes and bins, you have to buy wrapping material. Get different types of wrapping materials so that you can protect every household item. The essential wrapping materials for your relocation to Miami are packing paper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts. You can also use your blankets and rags from your house in Phoenix. And finally, get strong tape to secure the cardboard boxes.

Packing up your house in Phoenix

To pack your house in Phoenix stress-free, do it over two weeks. By giving yourself time to pack, you can be careful and not forget any of your items. In addition, you can secure every household item properly and avoid them getting destroyed. 

To prevent your boxes and plastic bins from tipping over during transportation to Miami, make sure to put heavy objects in the bottom. Put fragile and delicate things in plastic containers because they provide more protection. As you are packing your home in Phoenix, label everything. To protect your shoes, learn the best way to pack shoes.

Packing an essentials box for your move to Miami 

The last part of the packing is an essentials box. The first thing to put in your essentials box is items dear to you like family photos, heirlooms, and documentation. 

The second thing to put in your essentials box is items that you will need on the road. Because you might be on the road a long time, your essentials box should contain more items. You should bring a few pairs of clothing so that you can change. Make sure to pack food when you leave your home in Phoenix. And finally, pack your toiletries so that you can stay clean on your way to Miami. 

How to organize a DIY move from Phoenix to Miami – getting a moving truck

Hiring a moving truck will be essential for your DIY move. Make sure you can drive it. To get the best moving truck read the reviews of the rental companies. Choose the vehicle with the best reviews, and do not try to go affordable because the truck has to get you to Miami – it should be reliable. 

When you get the truck, ask some of your Phoenix friends to load it with you. Be careful, and if you can get a dolly from someone, it will make your job a lot easier. 

Moving in Miami 

When you finally arrive in Miami and need help with settling in, local Miami movers can help. They will help you unload the truck, and their professionals will get all of your items safely into your new Miami home. With them, you will be enjoying Miami in no time. 

You are ready 

If you follow this article, you will know how to organize a DIY move from Phoenix to Miami. When you arrive in Miami, learn about the first thing you should do after you move