How to move your plants

House plants are like the lungs’ of each home. It takes time, energy and money to grow them and keep them healthy for a long time. Therefore, when the time comes to move your house, it’s natural that you want to keep your plants, as well. As most of the moving companies avoid relocating items like these because of the risk of damage – it’s up to you to pack your green babies safely and move them yourself.

Check the law if you can move your plants

If you are moving to another state or moving abroad, a lot of rules and laws may be different. That’s why before you plan to move your plants, be sure to check the new state’s guidelines. Often there are specific rules about how you’ll transport the plants, and which plants can cross the state border. Therefore, be sure to inform about these guidelines so you don’t waste your time on packing a plant that can’t go with you.

Decide which plants you’ll bring

As you may already know, transporting plants is often risky and not many plants can survive the trip. Our advice is to pick a couple of your favorites and only bring them to your new home. What to do with the rest? Well, you can give them away and make some of your friends happy.

plants on a shelf
If you can’t move your plants, they can make another home cozy, too

Prepare so you can move your plants

Like when you are moving with your furry friends, it is necessary to take some preparation steps before you pack your plants. First of all, take care of their health. Make sure you repot them in plastic pots and check if there are any health conditions or bugs you should treat before you go. Furthermore, be sure to water them regularly, but avoid it on the moving day. You want the soil to be moist and not dripping wet.

Pack your plants properly

When you decide to move your plants, it’s important to take your time when packing them. Properly packed plants will have more chances to survive the trip and be nice and healthy in your new home or office. First of all, you’ ll need to gather all the necessary supplies – plastic pots, plastic bags, packing paper, tape, moving boxes, scissors and a pen. Next, wrap each pot with a plastic bag, and tie it around the plant’s base, so the soil stays inside. Wrap the whole plant in some packing paper, to protect the leaves. Put all the plants in moving boxes carefully, and fill the extra space with some paper. Don’t forget to make small holes on the boxes to keep the airflow, and also label the boxes clearly.

potting plants so it's possible to move your plants
When you need to move your plants it’s best to repot them in lightweight pots that can’t break easily

Extra tip: If you have many other things to pack and move, be sure to check with a professional moving company like You won’t need to worry about the safety of your items and the quick and easy relocation of your home or office.

Travel safe

Once you’re all packed, it’s time to hit the road. It’s best to move your plants by keeping them on the floor in the back seat, so they don’t fall and break. Also, be sure to control the temperature and let the fresh air in. And most importantly, don’t leave your car in the sun for too long when you are taking breaks. All these tips will for sure help you move your plants easily and make your new home nice and cozy.