How to move from Arizona to Washington on a budget

You are leaving Arizona for the political center of America – Washington state. But you want to know how to relocate there when you are on a tight budget. We are going to help you with our guide on how to move from Arizona to Washington on a budget. The best solution when relocating on a budget is to do it yourself. But be careful because many moving injuries occur during a DIY move.

1. Hire movers for tasks that are difficult for you

Our first tip on how to move to Washington from Arizona is to think and hire movers for a specific task. You do not have to hire a moving company, do to every part of the move. First, you need to make a list of all the parts of a move:

  • A good way to move on a budget is to hire movers only for packing, which is one of the most stressful moving tasks 
  • Getting moving supplies
  • Dissembling your furniture
  • Loading the truck.

By making a list of the moving process, you can have a clear picture and see what parts are going to take a lot of time and work. For the tasks that you think are worth hiring movers for, you should. They will take care of that one individual task. By hiring movers for one task, it will save you money and you can probably afford it.

an image of movers loading a truck to move from Arizona to Washington
Hiring movers to only load a truck is a good tip on how to move from Arizona to Washington on a budget

2. The second tip on how to move from Arizona to Washington on a budget is to research

When you decide on what part of the move you want to hire movers for you should start researching. Researching involves looking on the internet for reliable moving companies. Reading reviews on the moving company’s site and looking through their social media profiles. When you find companies with favorable reviews, you should contact them and ask them for an estimate. Since you are on a budget, make sure to get the cheapest option.

3. Moving supplies

You can save a ton of cash on moving supplies. Do not spend a lot of money on moving supplies, look through your house and see if you have any old boxes, old rags, blankets. Find anything that can be used for packing up stuff. Ask your friends if they have any old packing materials from their move. Look on the internet. I bet you can find places that give boxes for free. Maybe visit some of your local stores, they usually throw away many old boxes that you can use for packing.

an image of a yellow tape
Tape is going to keep your boxes from opening when moving

4. Forth tip on how to move from Arizona to Washington is to have a yard sale

Go around the house and look for things that you do not need and put them for sale. To have a successful yard sale – make some fliers, tell your friends, make a social media post. By having a yard sale, you will increase your moving budget. Also, get read of stuff that might have toked up space in the moving truck or your new home in Washington. However, if you don’t have room in your new Washington state home, renting storage is a solution for extra items. Local Washington movers will have for you a safe storage place where your family can place any of their dearest belongings.

5. Moving truck/van

Another way don’t go over your budget is to get a moving truck or van from a friend. Ask your friends if they have any vehicle that can transport a lot of stuff. Make sure that everything can fit in it because if it does not, you will have to make two trips, maybe more. Making more trips will accumulate costs, so that is not ideal when it comes to your move on a budget.

If your friends do not have a moving truck or van, you will have to find an affordable one. This will, again, involve researching to find the cheapest truck or van that won’t give out on you while you are transporting your stuff to Washington. Don’t forget if your friends can lend you a moving truck or van you need to have a proper license to drive it without the license, the moving truck is useless.

6. Packing, loading the truck and unpacking

Packing to move from Arizona to Washington is the most boring task of any DIY move, but it is also where you can save a lot of money by not hiring movers. It will take a lot of time, but it’s very manageable, even for someone who is not a professional mover. There are two things you have to remember:

  • The first thing is to always but the heavies things first, so the boxes don’t tip over during relocation
  • The second thing is to secure the boxes with tape on the bottom and the top, so they don’t open while being transported
an image of stacked boxes
Pack your boxes carefully so that your things don’t get broken

Loading the truck can be done with the help of your friends. However, for this part of the move, we recommend getting movers. This involves heavy lifting and special equipment that most people don’t have. Health and security are the most important thing. But if you want, even this can be done with help from your friends or local movers. When you finally arrive, it’s better to find help when settling in. Local Washington movers will bring your stuff into the house and unpack you and you can start your life in Washington as soon as possible.

Conclusion to how to move from Arizona to Washington on a budget

There are a lot of ways how to move from Arizona to Washington. Most of the aspects of the move you can do yourself. But sometimes it’s better to hire movers, relax and think about what you are going to do after your move. Living in Washington will cost you cost more. However, Washington has a lot to offer. It has many job opportunities, exciting cities like Seattle, Washington DC, and many more. The state has a rich history and many museums and monuments for different historical figures. You already know all that, that is why you decided to move there. We’re here to help you out with details.