How to move a piano without breaking the bank?

Every relocation is an operation that requires a great deal of time and effort on your side. When it comes to owning a piano, it is a totally new level of serious planning, preparation, and stress you might want to avoid. There are many things to consider that will ask for careful problem-solving skills. Dealing with staircases, tight doorways, and sharp corners can easily put you in an awkward situation. For every heavy furniture moving you will need a lot of strength, experience, and teamwork to complete. But for a piano, you will have to be extra careful since they are fragile no matter their size and look. Not to mention a budget calculation you will have to do for every situation you can find yourself in. So, how to move a piano without breaking a bank? Maybe the best solution would be to hire a professional moving company.

Size is an important factor when you need to move a piano

Most pianos come in a weight range from 300 lbs to 1,200+ lbs. A small upright piano can weigh about 300 to 400 lbs, while some larger examples can be even more than 800 lbs. Their height can go over 60 inches and are pretty robust to deal with when you need to move. Most of their weight comes from cast iron harp that holds the strings. Grand pianos can weigh between 500 to 1,200 lbs and can be somewhere from 54 to 108 inches long. There are even bigger examples like the customized Liberace piano with 1,500 lbs and 12 foot in length. The common misjudgment is that piano is a strong instrument. On the contrary, they are very delicate to deal with. Pedals, keys, legs, and even strings are very susceptible to damage. Most piano finishes are sensitive to scratches, dents, and nicks.

For all the above-mentioned reasons, professional movers are the best solution. Choosing a company like Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens is an excellent decision, for example. These reputable movers have all it takes to move your piano smoothly and safely.

A cast iron harp inside a piano which can cause problems when you need to move a piano.
A piano is a beautiful and large yet very fragile instrument.

How-to, and should you?

Moving a piano goes with a lot of responsibility. It takes a lot of preparation because of the safety of the movers as well as the surrounding of your home interior. And of course for the piano itself and its value. Whether you need to move your piano locally or long distance, to the storage or just upstairs, you might want to consider professional movers. Saving money here can easily result in injury or damage to your piano. Having the right equipment is a must. If you do not own this equipment, don’t have a strong team of people to help you, or don’t have valid knowledge about moving a piano, you shouldn’t test your luck. Avoid injury when moving, especially with grand pianos which are exceptionally difficult to move and experienced professionals are better for handling this difficult task.

A packed piano ready for transportation.
There is a proper way to balance the weight of your piano when moving.

The next few tips are highly helpful when you need to move a piano

These tips include:

  • Never lift a piano by its legs.
  • Never push a piano around by its casters.
  • Secure the lid and wrap the piano.
  • Know your route beforehand.
  • Do not endanger yourself.
  • Know when to quit.

The cost of moving a piano

The cost of moving your piano can range from just $100 to around $1,000. Long Island based moving companies aren’t expensive, for example. Another factor that can affect the cost is the distance. The long-distance moving demands more work, and better security measures for transportation. It’s up to you to calculate the expenses and see if it’s a better option to do it yourself or to hire a moving company. For example, you will need to rent a truck, do the hard work, get additional men to help you, and maybe even spend money on equipment. You will need four-wheel piano moving dolly, hump straps, locking piano belt, piano skid board. Let’s not forget moving pads, blankets, boxes, and tape. It doesn’t look good for tactic on how to move a piano without breaking the bank.


Moving a piano is a delicate process which requires more than a few steps. For you to do the packing, securing, loading into the truck, transporting, and removing it from the truck can be a tiresome job. Not to mention that you can injure yourself, injure others, or even damage your precious instrument. For that matter, professionals provide security and save you a lot of time and effort. Moreover, you are staying away from the harm’s way, and you have insurance provided by the moving company. Call a couple of moving companies and ask for a moving estimate for your piano transportation, and ask about insurance coverage.

On the other hand, there is one way your piano can be transported at a low cost. The service can be part of a full household move which is a lot better option than paying for just a piano.

A damaged upright piano.
Be careful when moving your piano, an accident may happen in a split second.

To conclude, a piano moving company will ensure that:

  • The piano is properly packed
  • It’s mounted on appropriate moving equipment
  • It’s highly secured inside the truck
  • Efficiently delivered to the desired destination
  • You have all the information about moving insurance, and that your piano is fully covered

Moving a piano to your new home, storage, or any other location is a tough job. Sometimes it is worth to cut the corners but when it comes to a piano it is not recommended. You can end up with a cost far more greater than you can imagine, just for trying to save a few bucks. To answer the question of how to move a piano without breaking the bank is to recommend a good company. However, research is a thing best to be done by yourself. After all, you should focus on other things. Things like planning and preparing your new location for a piano since they are very sensitive to major temperature shifts. It’s good to avoid heating ducts, fireplaces, windows, and doors. In general, you need a place where room temperature and humidity are stable. Tune your piano after all the trouble and you are ready.