How to motivate your employees to return to office

Last year was tough for everyone. When the pandemic started, we didn’t know what to expect. And we didn’t expect to change our lives in a lot of ways. Whether good or bad. One of the things that changed is our approach to work. Due to restrictions, lots of people and companies had to change their style of work. And that didn’t turn out as bad as some may have thought. The only thing that could’ve been a problem is moving stuff from your office to your home. But with the right help, we overcame that too. Working from home has its perks. The most important one is home coziness. So now that the situation had come to normal, a very important question arises. How to motivate your employees to return to office? How to make someone transfer from PJs to a suite?

Work from home

When facing something unknown as the pandemic that happened, you never know how the situation will develop. And how long will it last? Lots of people lost their jobs, lots of small companies had to close down. Those who were lucky enough just had to change their habits and place of work. Physically. But working from home wasn’t that bad. When talking to people, you concluded that this isolation did some good. They had a chance to reconnect with their families, had time for some home improvements, and most importantly, they had time for themselves.

How to motivate your employees to return to office

You probably spent months planning the return of your employees to their offices. But arm yourself with patience, ’cause you’re probably gonna need it. Going back into offices can be a problem for some people, and for two main reasons. One, there will be people who’ll still have that lingering feeling of fear for their health and well-being.

Neon light signs on the wall
Make sure to maintain positive working energy

And others, that will be afraid of losing their routine, an extra hour of sleep (instead of driving to work), bonding time with family, and most importantly – going in sweatsuit all day. You know, stuff that probably most of us established over the last year. So, as something to begin with, you could consider moving to a bigger office, in order to provide more space. If your finances allow, of course.

Help your workers to mentally prepare for coming back

Give your workers some time to get used to the idea of going back to work. After all, this situation showed that employees can be even more productive when working from home. So make sure to let them know that you don’t instantly expect them to return to the office five days a week. Let the idea settle. Another thing, show them that you can agree on flexible working periods. It can increase their productivity.

Make cozy atmosphere

People got used to the comfy house atmosphere. So maybe establish a cozy lounge area, with table football, lazy bags and comfy furniture, food and drink corners, where your employees can rest and catch up safely. And if you need assistance moving those things in your office, contact to help you clean and stage everything. Some other things that could add up are team building outdoor, pizza day, casual Friday, and stuff like that.

A man and a woman playing table football as a way to motivate your employees to return to office
Let them relax and catch up

Offer mentorship and training

The majority of the workers who have a mentor say that they are more satisfied with their work. Unfortunately, in most of the companies development and training were the first expenses to cut out at the beginning of the pandemic. Therefore, you should at least try to provide some mentorship programs within your company.

And that’s about it

Start preparing. Make plans. You can even engage your workers to help if they’re up to it. It could be a fun experience. Don’t forget that your employees supported you and your business during pandemics. Now it’s your time to return the favor and to make sure to motivate your employees to return to office by any means possible.