How to find reliable movers for relocation to New Jersey

Moving from Arizona to New Jersey is a brave step to take. As an Arizonian, you will have to get accustomed to some new things. One of them is the difference in whether New Jersey is colder than Arizona. You will feel a big difference, mainly if you lived in the south part of Arizona, which does not get any snow. But what New Jersey offers is new chances to change your life. They have a reliable schooling system, and the state is very family-friendly and quiet. However, moving all of your stuff from Arizona to New Jersey is a difficult task. To help you chose, we have an article about how to find reliable movers for relocation to New Jersey.

​Decide on a budget

Before you start looking for movers, you must think about how much you are willing to pay the movers. Think about your moving budget thoroughly and take every aspect into account. Make sure to get movers that are in your budget. However, if this is your first move and you do not know anything about moving prices, do research. You do not want to set an absurd budget. Having a moving budget has many benefits.

  • Before we get to the part about how to find reliable movers for relocation to New Jersey, you must know that setting a budget will prevent you from overpaying mover.

  • It will make you feel secure because you will know exactly how much money you are willing to pay, and you will not experience any money shocks from overpaying.

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Before you learn how to find reliable movers for relocation to New Jersey you must have a budget

Now that we have gone over why you should have a moving budget. Let’s see the benefits of hiring movers.

​Benefits of hiring movers

Hiring a professional can make the mover easier for you. Save you time. DIY moves can sometimes lead to injures. There are many aspects of relocation that movers can be helpful with:

  • Firstly, they will size up your place and know how much moving materials you will need.

  • Secondly, they will pack smart and maximize space in moving boxes

  • Thirdly, load the truck with special equipment.

  • Finally, transport your belongings and unpack you in your new place in New Jersey.

We have shown you the positives of setting a budget and hiring movers. Now let us see how to find reliable movers for relocation to New Jersey

​1. The first tip on how to find reliable movers for relocation to New Jersey is to ask your friends for a recommendation

Asking friends for a recommendation is the first step because of two reasons.

The first reason being it can make your job easier and rid you of all the work of finding movers by yourself. A trusted friend can be enough of a guaranty that a moving company is reliable. They have gone through the whole moving process with the company they are recommending and have first-hand experience.

The second reason is if you do not have friends to recommend you a moving company, you can get to work immediately and start looking for relocation companies that will meet your needs. A recommendation for a friend can mean that your job is over and that your job is just beginning.

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Your friends are the best recommendation you can get

​2. Read reviews

Reading reviews is crucial before reaching out to moving companies. Looking at reviews can save you a lot of time. Look at Google, Facebook, Yelp or visit the moving businesses site to find reviews. What is crucial when looking at reviews is to see if they are genuine. A genuine review means – that the assessment was not written by a paid customer: to boost the moving company’s review scores. Check if the appraisals are consistent. A reassuring sign that you should reach out to a moving company is if the business has many positive reviews.

​3. The third tip on how to find reliable movers for relocation to New Jersey is to reach out to moving companies for estimates

Getting at least three estimates is a minimum before deciding on a moving company. Most moving companies will provide you with free quotes on their website. Browse Excalibur Moving and Storage  to get your free moving quote. They will give you a rough estimate of – how much your relocation from Arizona to New Jersey will cost. Packing, unpacking, storage, you name it, they will provide it.

Now that you have got the estimate from their website, you must contact them and have a conversation to see if they will send someone to your house. An estimate from a website is not that accurate because they can not see how much stuff you have in your home. Getting someone to check out your place and give you an accurate estimate is crucial if you want to find a reliable moving company.

​4. The fourth top on how to find reliable for relocation to New Jersey is to check if they are licensed

Check if the moving company that you are hiring has a United States Department of Transportation number. The DOT is issued – by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). What does that number mean? The number means that the moving company will abide by federal regulations to keep you, the customer safe. The DOT registration is especially crucial when it comes to inter-state moves like Arizona to New Jersey.

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A licensed moving company will make sure your things are secure

​5. The final tip on how to find reliable movers for relocation to New Jersey is to see if they have storage options

Now you might not need a storage option, but it is good to see if the moving company has them in case of emergency. Maybe you did not measure your new place correctly and have stuff you do not know where to put, or you need a place for items that you don’t use often. Storage options are an important part of a move. A reputable moving company will have a place for all types of things and will have professionals to help you sore your belongings.


There are many tips on how to find reliable movers for relocation to New Jersey from Arizona. We have given you some guidelines to follow to expand your knowledge do more research.