How to find reliable military movers in Arizona

Military moving is stressful even without having a surprise bill, or your stuff arrives broken. So, to avoid this happen, you need to know how to find reliable military movers in Arizona. This will only take you a little extra time but saves a bunch of hassle. Here are the steps you need to take.

How to find reliable military movers in Arizona?

If you’re learning how to find reliable military movers in Arizona, then you picked a personally procured move (PPM). This is a way of DIY move within the military. You’ll do packing/unpacking and transporting your belongings. Or, in this case, hiring your own commercial moving company. The government will pay you 95% of their cost to hire a moving company on your side. If you finish the relocation process for less money, you’ll keep the difference. But, don’t forget, this money is an incentive. It’s based on the weight of belongings you transport, not to top your authorized weight allowance. If it’s necessary, Military Service can give an advance payment of up to 60% of the incentive value.
This moving type is especially recommended for any valuables you own. Like family heirlooms, photos, important documents and the necessities you need instantly at your new location.

Magnifying glass Search - Before you start searching make sure you know how to find reliable military movers in Arizona
Start searching for the company as soon as you know you’re moving.

Get Referrals

So, how to find reliable movers in Arizona? Searching the Internet for military movers can be daunting. But you can ask family, friends, and others you trust if they can recommend a military moving company. If you can’t have referrals, get a list of reliable military movers from the General Service Administration (GSA). Their approval is the status used to name companies that have a license to work with the US Government.

Read movers reviews and complaints

When searching for reliable movers, make sure you read what other customers say about the company. Go on the web with the mover’s name and such terms like complaints and reviews. Check out if the company has any report with the Better Business Bureau. Read letter grade the BBB has about the mover and any complaints, reviews, and government actions.

Do you want to know how to find reliable military movers in Arizona? Well, check military movers reviews.

How to find reliable military movers in Arizona – Follow the rule of threes

Never settle for the first estimate you get. Instead, follow the rule of threes. This means you need to ask at least three different companies for an estimate. But, make sure it’s an in-person estimate because no company can give you an accurate price without seeing your stuff. Of course, the government will pay most costs when it comes to your move. But, to avoid any additional problems, you should follow this rule.

Know how to recognize fraudulent mover

If you want to find reliable movers, you need to know how to avoid fraudulent moving companies in the DFW area. Watch out for red flags when the company gives a moving quote. For example, reliable military movers won’t demand a cash deposit before you move. If you notice that the mover is hungry to get the money in advance, it might not be a legit business. Also, note how professional or unprofessional the movers seem. If they’re late, unsure, and don’t have the answers to your questions, go for another company. Another red flag is movers who show up in a rented moving van. Every professional owns its equipment.