How to avoid injury when moving

Relocating with your family is an important part of your life. You are heading to a new home, new town, possibly a new state or even a country. This entire relocation process produces a lot of stress, and if you are not used to it, you will have to learn what to do. When people are under a lot of pressure, they do not concentrate enough, and this is how injuries happen. Injuries during moving are a common thing, and they may occur suddenly. To be able to avoid injury when moving, you must prepare yourself for every situation.

Luckily, we are here to share our knowledge and give you some tips and tricks that will help you avoid injury when moving. And not only that, these suggestions will make your relocation easy and smooth.

Most common injuries when moving

To be able to avoid injury when moving you need to know what kind of injuries to expect. Most common injuries when moving are:

  • injuring your lower back
  • cutting yourself
  • falling while carrying heavy items
  • injuring your joints

These four types of injury are most common when preparing for a move. We are going to cover them one by one and show you how to avoid them or what to do if you do get hurt.

Lower back pain
Lower back pain is the most common type of injury

Do not lift heavy items

The number one rule when preparing for a move is not to lift any heavy items if you don’t have to. It is fairly easy to hurt your lower back or spine. It only takes a second to hurt yourself, so have this in mind.

If you need to move a couch, always ask for help. One of the best advice that we can give you is to consider hiring a reputable moving company. It’s a great way to deal with packing your possessions, without worrying that you might hurt yourself.

However, if you are relocating on your own, you need to find reliable friends who can help you. If you have a dolly, use it! It is an essential tool to use when packing for a move.

When you are lifting boxes, it is of utmost importance to do it from your hips. Never bend your spine, this is how injuries happen!

Working with sharp objects

If you are packing knives, be extra careful. If you have a case for knives, it is best to pack them inside. It is best to wear protective gloves when handling sharp objects.

Also be careful if you are using scissors, although these types of injuries are more common with children.

Another way that you can cut yourself is when moving electrical appliances. There are a lot of sharp edges that you cannot see, so be sure to use gloves.

Avoid injury when moving sharp objects like knives
If you cut yourself while packing knives, remember to apply pressure to stop bleeding

Be careful when carrying boxes

If you already packed boxes for moving, be careful when loading them to the moving truck. Best is to make a clear pathway, so you don’t trip over something. If you have a choice between pulling and pushing, always push. It’s the safest way to move heavy objects.

Also, remember never to lift anything above your head. It is bad both for your spine and shoulders. Make yourself learn how to lift boxes properly.

It is smart to think when you are packing boxes. For example, if you are packing books, do not use a large box. Lifting it will be impossible. Instead, use a couple of smaller boxes. It will be much easier to carry them.

Take care of your joints

It is quite easy to heart your elbows or knees. Joint injuries are very common. If you are lifting something heavy, the biggest mistake is to bend your knees all the way. You will feel a lot of pressure once you get up. Have a firm grip instead and only slightly bend the knees.

Remember to rest enough, do not overwork yourself. If you get tired, the bigger the chances are that you will hurt yourself.

When we talk about carrying boxes, do not lift more than one box at a time. It is fine if you are lifting pillows, but do not try to rush the packing process by lifting more than you can take. You have to think smart to avoid injury when moving.

How to avoid injury when moving with pets

If you are moving with pets, you have to remember that they like to get in the way. A cheerful dog might jump at you at the wrong moment, and you might end up hurting both yourself and your dog. Feed them, so they are not hungry, and close them in a room until you finish packing.

Plan ahead

It is common to make a plan when moving. It is much easier to organize. Take a few moments and think is there anything that will be hard to pack or move. You will remove the element of surprise, and you will be able to plan on time how to do it.

Pain pills
Always have some medicine to lower the pain if you get hurt

What to do if you get hurt

Sometimes it is not possible to avoid injury when moving, and if that situation arises, you must know what to do. In case of feeling any back pain, immediately stop whatever you are doing. Same goes for any injury.

Always have sports cream close to you, it will come in handy. If your joints are in pain but you need to continue, wrap them tightly using bandages. It will provide support and relieve the pain for a moment.

Have a save relocation

We gave you general tips and tricks on how to avoid injury when moving. Nevertheless, always be extra careful and do not rush anything. Take your time in packing and loading boxes to the moving truck, and always remember to ask for help if you are handling heavy or bulky items. Good luck!