Handbook on moving from New Jersey to Arizona in less than two weeks

Moving from New Jersey to Arizona in just two weeks or less requires a lot of help. That’s why we are here – to help you out and make sure that this relocation doesn’t mess with your head. Yes, you are in a bit of a time crunch but it can happen and you can do everything right. There are skilled people also who can help you out. That usually is the key when you are in a time crunch. Stick on to see how to do this like a pro and hopefully, you will do this quickly and carefully in less than two weeks.

5 things you can do to prepare for moving from New Jersey to Arizona

Here are five things you can do that won’t take too much of your time and they can simplify your move :

  1. Download moving apps, they can help you to speed things up and they are full of great tips and tricks, this won’t take any of your time and it can be of great help
  2. Call your friends to help you declutter your home – you can do this in a day and it will speed up both packing and unpacking much easier and that’s what we are doing here, speeding things up
  3. Write down everything you need (we are talking about packing material) so you can get everything in one trip
  4. Research movers near you, maybe some of those moving apps can help you
  5. Call the movers and set the date
A woman looking at her phone while looking for information about moving from New Jersey to Arizona.
Your phone can be of great help now.

The help you will be needing

Hiring reliable professional movers like allseasonmovers.com is the best way to do this move from New Jersey to Arizona in less than two weeks. Movers can do everything much quicker than you can on your own. After all, this is their job and they are trained to be very quick and precise. Since you are in a rush you should ask them for tips as well. Who can answer you better than them this question? Make sure to be upfront with your movers. Talk to them, let them know exactly what you need. The more they know the better they will be able to help you.

While you are packing

You need to multitask if you plan to do this in time so while packing (when taking breaks) you can do some research. Read about Arizona and the city you will be soon living in. See what you can do and visit. Learn about the things you need to adapt to in Arizona as well. The more you know about the place where you will be living the easier it will be to fit in. So, take your smartphone and do a quick research. Blogs can be wonderful and now here are some tips that can help you and save you time.

A woman researching
Don’t skip the research.

Packing tips

  • don’t go running around packing everything at the same time, start from the smallest room – let’s say bathroom and pack that room and then work your way up to bigger rooms
  • packing by room will make unpacking easier
  • start packing from the smallest items that are usually fragile since they require extra attention
  • make sure to label all the boxes in any way you prefer
  • if you have a lot of clothing try vacuum bags to save some space but label those bags too so you do not have to open all of them at once, sort those by season
  • set a timer, pack every day for a few hours and everything will be done in no time
  • if all else fails movers will be able to pack you in a day or two depending on how many household items you have
  • pack a separate moving day bag because you have quite a journey in front of you and you should have everything important for the road near you
  • moving day bag should contain necessities like keys, documents, wallet, water, snacks, food, spare set of clothes, wet wipes and everything you think can be useful for your trip

It’s ok if you need some help you prepare your things properly. That’s what movers are for. You are in a rush and if you have a lot of household items chances are this will be the only way to be done in time.

A couple packing for relocation.
Let movers help you with all your moving needs. This way everything can be done in less than two weeks.

Moving day

This can be the most hectic day of all but just think about it – soon all of this mess will be over. You will start your new life in Arizona in just a few days. So, make sure that you get enough sleep the night before and try to relax. Maybe even find some apps that can help. We hope that our pro packing tips helped a bit. When movers come, talk to them. It’s important that you are on the same page. That’s the only way everything will go smoothly. Oh, if you haven’t put a sticker on boxes containing fragile items now is the time. Movers cant see inside so make sure to mark them somehow.

Settling in after moving from New Jersey to Arizona

This is a part where you can finally take your time. Of course, you will want to unpack as fast as possible but first get a day for yourself. Sleep, get as rested as possible, and then you can start unpacking. As soon as you are done with unpacking and settling in you can use everything you found while researching Arizona and start exploring your new city. Try the fun places first. It’s good to start with something interesting and enjoyable and Arizona is full of many amazing places you can explore. Before we say our goodbyes you should know that movers can also help you with unpacking if you are too tired to do it on your own.