Guide to Moving from Maryland to Arizona

Have you ever thought about what is the greatest advice one can get when deciding to relocate? There are so many things you need to figure out. So many questions you need to answer right away. And one thought that occupies your mind along the way- I should not mess it up. And this is the true story, indeed. Hundreds of people all around the world move from one place to another in search of the perfect home. Every and each of them needs a good lead that will show him the right way. Well, this is your lucky day, because we may be the one you are looking for. Check out our ultimate guide to moving from Maryland to Arizona, and let us make your life a bit easier.

In the search for the sweet home

First things first. Wherever you move to, it’s good to take care of your housing issues for the star. Decide your priorities. Make a shortlist of things your new home should have. Figure out what is really important for you and your whole family. And always keep in mind- after you get to Arizona, you’ll all need some time to adjust to this important life change. But, if your new home is exactly what you have been searching for, this adaptation period would be much easier.

Now, let’s start this guide with some good news. Having a house in some Arizona cities is pretty affordable. The average price of homes usually doesn’t go above $250,000, while for renting an apartment you may need about $880 a month. Another good news is that there is a great chance for you to get a considerably new living space here. So, when you sum things up, the truth is that in Arizona it is possible to find a more than solid property for the price which is below the national average.

There is a woman sitting at the table counting some banknotes, and there are a notebook and a pen in front of her.
High monthly expenses are something that might make people move to some other place.

How much your life will cost you after moving from Maryland to Arizona

If you are among those you are relocating in search of some more affordable everyday life¬†than you should leave Baltimore for good cause Arizona may be a perfect place for you. For instance, living costs in Arizona’s capital city, Phoenix, are said to be about 5% lower than the national average ones. However, while the property taxes are reasonable, you will be obliged to pay so-called state income and vehicle taxes.

Finding a job in Arizona

When you have dealt with the question of housing, the next logical step is to search for a job. One encouraging thought might be that, if you choose Arizona for your new home, you are choosing a state with quite a low unemployment rate. Of course, there are some more required vocations like a miner, construction, or medical worker. But the truth is that with every job you can live one pretty decent life in the so-called Grand Canyon State since their average wages are almost $11 per hour.¬† So, don’t waste your time, ask specialists from Townson for some help, and come and get the best you can in the state of Arizona.

Who to expect?

If you are relocating from Maryland to Arizona, stay prepared to meet a high level of cultural diversity there. But, not only that. Did you know that this is the state where the greatest number of Native American language speakers have found their homes? And that’s not by accident, no way. The truth is that one-quarter of the state of Arizona is made up of Indian reservations. On the other hand, another interesting fact is that this state is inhabited by a certain number of native Californians, as well. So many people from many different sides. Now, one possible reason why many hire Allstate Moving and Storage to take them to the famous Copper State might be a bit slower living pace. And this is definitely something you will be able to find there.

There is a Native American girl sitting in a tent.
Navajo and Apache languages can still be heard in Arizona.

A few words about the climate

What’s the weather like in Arizona? Well, the heat that rules this state will give you the best answer to this question. The climate in Arizona is mostly dry, with pretty hot summers and mild winters. Therefore, it won’t be surprising if your thermometer measures temperatures up to 49 degrees Celsius during the hottest days in summer. This is especially typical for the desert areas. And yes, we know that it may be pretty problematic to move to a climate you are not used to. However, in Arizona’s case, you have only 2 options, really. You will either learn to love the desert, or you will occasionally try to find your getaway in one of the state’s ski resorts. Flagstaff Nordic Center, for example, may seem at least 20 degrees cooler than some other parts of Arizona.

But, we need to admit. Arizona is not a desert state only. This place has much to offer in terms of valleys, forests, and mountain regions, too.

There is a dry land, some weeds, cactus and a hill in the distance.
Hot weather and high temperatures are something you may expect when moving from Maryland to Arizona.

Things you may find interesting

If someone has told you life in Arizona is boring, just wait to hear this. We will give you only some of the main attractions that you may find interesting when you come there from Maryland.

  • The famous Grand Canyon– 466 kilometers long, more than 29 kilometers wide, and over a mile deep- this fascinating tourist attraction entices the sights of everyone who sees it for the first time. Yet, the truth is that most Arizona residents have visited it only several times in their life.
  • Spring Training Celebration– this is a great combination of sport, music, and food in one place. Here you may enjoy baseball games while listening to great music and eating extremely delicious meals.
  • The city of Jerome– an excellent point for all those venturous ones who are interested in the so-called ghost towns.
  • Scottsdale Culinary Festival– definitely a place where you need to come to, but hungry enough. Give yourself a nice break and taste some of the tastiest meals on this foodie fest.