From Phoenix to Columbus – plan the best route for a DIY move

Life is a complicated web of various circumstances. Whatever your big goal is, the path to it is usually full of obstacles and crossroads. The bigger the life change, the more tangled are occasions. One of the biggest changes is moving. Shifting your entire life and relocating everything you own is a step toward something that is completely different. Moving from Phoenix to Columbus is a serious task to handle. Changing a capital city for the other capital on the other side of the state could be challenging and you are going to need a good plan. Planning the best route for a move is just a part of the process. Many other dices will have to be put together before the trip.

From Phoenix…

Capital and most populous city in Arizona and the anchor of the Phoenix metropolitan area is also known as the Valley of the Sun. Surrounded by mountains, this city is divided into urban villages, many of which are based upon historically significant neighborhoods and communities. Developed economy, flourishing of art and culture make this city attractive. Besides all attractions you can visit, it is normal that after some time you want something to change. Moving is the best way to turn your life upside down. Going all way to the west side of the state could be the easiest thing to do if you contact Zippy Shell Columbus. They will do their job as best as they can and you will not feel all the difficulties of moving. Another way, if you want to live through every moment, you can move by yourself. The DIY move requires a good plan and detailed organization.

Enjoy your new adventure

…to Columbus

Your destination is again the state capital and the most populous city, but this time in Ohio. It is the core of the OH Metropolitan Statistical Area, named after 15th-century Italian explorer Christopher Columbus. Columbus has a wide diversity of neighborhoods with different characters and choosing the right one for a living can be a serious dilemma. Before moving, try to find out as much as you can. You should have all the information about the city, and you can find many of them easily. Ask about significant locations, cost of living here, transport, activities which you will be able to access. All of this will significantly affect your future way of life. This city has a humid continental climate and a strong and diverse economy based on education, insurance, banking, fashion, defense, food, energy, health care, technology, and other branches. It has many notable buildings and developed spheres of culture and art.

You can do it

Organizing relocation with a moving company is, for sure, an easier way to make this step, but there is something special in doing it by yourself. You will have to invest more time in the organization but, most probably, you will also save money like this. Planning the best route for a DIY move from Phoenix to Columbus will require your best skill set.

Office table
Make a perfect plan

Have in mind that when the time comes to moving, you’re not just going to relocate. You are about to purge and reorganize your entire life. The organization is the key, so don’t forget to :

  • Start early and find helpers
  • Declutter and pack
  • Rent moving container, and truck
  • Organize the trip

Start on time

Moving from Phoenix to Columbus will require a detailed organization so it is best to start on time and to prepare yourself for the move. Be precise about every step of the process and don’t forget to write it down. You will be faster and more efficient if you find some help. That could be your friends and family. When the assignment is complicated like this one, have in mind that you should assign tasks to them. This is the best way to avoid the chaos that can cause poor packing or transportation.

Be realistic

When living somewhere for a longer period of time we tend to collect unnecessary things and we always have excuses for that. We get emotionally attached to the little things just because they were there. When it comes to moving, packing everything is never a smart idea. Most of those things in your home are unnecessary and you don’t need them so pack smart and maximize the space. During the move, that stuff can take up a lot of valuable space and their packing will take a lot of time and materials. Declutter and clean your place before you start to pack. Be realistic and pack only what is necessary. Don’t forget to use firmer packing materials which you will be able to reuse and label everything.

On the wheels

Before you plan the best route for a DIY move from Phoenix to Columbus it is important to find a way to transport your things safely. You are going to need a vehicle, truck, and maybe even a moving container. If you don’t have it, rent it. Use wisely the fact that you can also rent storage. Your stuff can be in a safe place if you are not able to transfer it all at once.

Navigation on the phone
This is going to be just like a road trip

Plan the best route for a DIY move from Phoenix to Columbus

Prepare yourself on one long journey. Bring enough food and refreshments, because if you drive carefully and you take regular breaks, you are going to need more than one day. This will be the case if you move in a straight line from city to city. Use highways, it is less crowded and it will be faster and safer to travel by them. Try to perform this move on weekdays because fewer people will travel interstate on these days. You can also organize a road trip. You can make quality breaks in the right places. After all, you are going to travel across the whole country.

Moving from Phoenix to Columbus could be an extraordinary task that you will accomplish and planing the best route for a DIY move is going to be the crown of that process. Enjoy the process and the journey. This is the beginning of a new chapter in your life.