Five secrets to faster packing for moving

You probably know that a key to a good moving strategy is to start as early as possible. Also, good organization is half of the work. When you set the moving date, you should have at least eight to ten weeks to do all the necessary preparations for moving. You should have enough time to figure out who, when and how will pack and transport everything to a new address. Now imagine that you get a call saying you have only a few days to pack all your stuff up and hit the road. Then, all the theories about proper moving strategies fall into the water. OK, the part about good organization still stands. Actually, you will have to be more organized than ever when packing for moving on a short notice. Here are the secrets on how to do it to reduce the upcoming stress to a minimum.

A guide to faster packing for moving

There are many tips on good packing, primarily because you need to do your best to relocate your belonging safely. You did not treasure your grandma’s old china for all those years to have it broken in the fast moving. So be careful and follow these steps to pack quickly but safely:

  1. Checklists will save you
  2. Purge is your best friend when packing for moving
  3. Acquire good boxes
  4. Pack stuff fast but wisely
  5. Ask for help, you will need it.
An hourglass with a man inside
Try to make packing for moving on a short notice stress-free

Checklists will save you

Maybe you decided to pick up and leave your current place in a hurry. Perhaps you got the news that the time for moving is now, like at this moment, not figuratively. Either way, you do not have much time to think. You have to act immediately. Also, you must try to avoid the random action and you have to stay focused. Checklists will help you do just that. Without a delay, pick a paper and a pen and start writing. Make a timeline, but be realistic when setting the goals. Fill the checklists with things to take and do, starting from the most important one. Address the toughest problems and challenges first. After you check them off the list, a big burden will fall of your chest. As you go along and cross things one by one, you will feel much more motivated for whatever’s next on the list.

The list of to do things
Stick to the checklist and you will not forget anything

Purge is your best friend when packing for moving

To make room for new, you have to let go of the old. Even though that applies as a life lesson, it is also a rule when packing for moving. Especially if you don’t have much time. Some people think that it’s easier to just pack everything you own. That is not really true. First, it will take a lot of time to pack unnecessary stuff, and then it will occupy too much valuable space in the moving truck. Finally, it will use the space in your new apartment or house, that you could use wiser. So get rid of everything you haven’t been using in the last twelve months. Unless it is seasonal stuff, you don’t want to throw away your skis just because it didn’t snow yet. Nevertheless, there are so many useless things in our homes, that are begging to be passed on.

When purging, it is best to use the rule of three piles – keep, donate and toss. Leave to take with you only the items you don’t have to think twice about keeping. When in doubt – put on one of the other two piles. Everything you donate will make someone else happy, so you should feel proud of yourself for doing a good deed. A lot of different charities will gladly pick up the stuff for you, so it will also save you time. For the things you want to toss, remember to recycle. Everything else, just feel free to throw out in the trash. Sometimes pick-up companies can get rid of junk for you, and there is a save of time again.

Acquire good boxes

In any other case, we would advise you to check with the local retail shops if they have any boxes to spare. Maybe you could ask around if someone has to lend you used boxes. But, when packing for moving quickly, those are not the best options. If you are limited by time, it is best to buy some boxes. Because you don’t have much time to pick and choose between someone’s used boxes, you need the ones that you can rely on. And to be sure, you must expend an extra buck for new boxes. While you are shopping, don’t forget the packing supplies:

Materials for packing for moving
Don’t economize on packing supplies
  • tape,
  • packing paper,
  • packing labels,
  • markers.

Purchasing all of those will save you a lot of time because you will not have to wait to see if borrowed boxes are any good. Also, you shouldn’t compromise on the safety of your stuff. You need to be sure that the packing materials will hold the weight of your belongings, so do not economize on packing supplies. Furthermore, it is necessary you double tape the bottom of the boxes to secure the items from falling through.

Pack stuff fast but wisely

Time is up and you need to pack up all of your stuff and go. The problem with that is – people start to think about memories that are attached to the items and get all emotional. You don’t have time for that. Be focused and put some music on to motivate you.

Don’t think, just start packing your closet into boxes, suitcases, and trash bags. You mustn’t pack air, so do not empty your drawers, leave the items in them. It will save you space on the moving truck, but also the valuable time in packing for moving. You can use trash bags for soft things like clothes and bed sheets, and suitcases for books and CD/DVD collections. Some furniture can be loaded and transported without disassembling, but others you have to prepare for carrying. Remember to pack the survival kit, but also take photos and documents with you.

Ask for help, you will need it

Even when you don’t have to move out in a hurry, any help is welcome. But, it is essential when you’re packing for moving on a short notice. If you don’t have too much stuff, family and friends can help you. In situations where there is a lot of belongings and too little time, the only ones that can help are the moving companies. Know that finding the right moving professionals is the best thing you can do. They can help you pack up your stuff quickly, depending on the size of the place you’re moving out. Sometimes they are the only choice but don’t worry, you’ll know your stuff is safe with them.