Family relocation from California to Arizona: packing tips and tricks

Do you want to know how to pack for a family relocation from California to Arizona? Want to know some packing tips and tricks to make moving easier and less stressful? If that’s so, these tips below might help you approach the packing process better. So, take the time to introduce yourself properly with these things when you are about dive into the relocating process.

The key to a successful family move

When moving to Arizona from California, most people dread the stress of packing up belongings. The key to simplifying the relocation is to stay organized and pack in an orderly manner. So, to help you stay on track and reduce the stress in the days leading up to your family relocation from California to Arizona, follow these packing tips and tricks.

Moving Box with china symbolizing Family relocation from California to Arizona
Family relocation from California to Arizona is easier with practical packing tips and tricks.

Family relocation from California to Arizona

When you’re considering a family relocation from Cali to Arizona, you must know why it’s a good idea to do so. Therefore, before you hire professional movers like Family Affair Moving to help you relocate, you should familiarize yourself with the benefits from your upcoming move. Luckily, there are numerous great reasons to perform a family relocation from Cali to Arizona. Here are some of them: 

  • Lower living costs. Compared to California, which is a very expensive state, Arizona offers lower living costs. So, moving here will save you money.
  • Great job opportunity. Arizona ranks third in the USA for commensurate job growth. So, there’s a job for everyone here.
  • Excellent education. The quality of education in Arizona is ever high. So, you don’t have to worry about your children’s future.
  • Less natural disasters. California is a magnet for horrifying natural disasters, like hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and more. But, if you move to Arizona, you’ll live in a much safer place. This state has a much lower incidence of natural disasters.
  • Less traffic overall. California big cities are famous for their deadlocked traffic grids. But, in Arizona, that won’t be an issue.
  • Beautiful natural parks. Self-explanatory and wonderful.

So, these are just some of the reasons why you should leave Ca and move to Arizona with your family. Now, it’s time to get to work. When you’re getting ready for the relocation, use these packing tips and tricks and have a flawless, stress-free move. Below you’ll find them.

Start packing early

When you decide to leave California and move to Arizona, you’ll ask yourself when to start packing. The answer is as soon as possible. If you have enough time, begin packing a few months before the relocation. Remember that packaging always takes longer than planned. So, the earlier you start packing, the better. It will protect you from possible stressful situations.


An important packing tip when performing a family relocation from California to Arizona is to declutter. You need to ensure you don’t relocate anything that you no longer use or need. So, reduce your stress and workload by decluttering before packing. Figure out what to keep, sell, donate and throw away. Walk through your home to separate what to take to your new home and what you can live without. 

Get the right packing supplies

Packing your belongings with the proper material is essential if you want to experience a smooth move. Only with the right packing materials, you can rest assured that even your delicate items will remain protected. So, prepare your budget and purchase these packing supplies:

  • Different sizes of moving boxes. But, make sure they are sturdy.
  • Bubble cover.
  • Protecting packing paper.
  • Newspapers.
  • Tape.
  • Scissors.
  • Markers.
Tape and Scissors and other Packing material
Gather the necessary packing supplies and start packing as soon as possible.

Start with the items and rooms you don’t use often

So, after you gather the best packing materials, it’s time to pack. Start with the rooms you use less often. Such as a garage or attic, and then continue with the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, and more. Also, all those seasonal items you’re currently not using, like garden tools, coats, and Christmas lights, are some of the things you can pack first. 

Family relocation from California to Arizona – Pack efficiently

Another important packing tip you should follow is to not over-pack your moving boxes. So, never pack a box with anything over 30 pounds. This is very important since you’re moving with your family as there will be many boxes to pack. You can get a back injury or damage your items if the box can’t withstand the weight. Also, make sure you pack lighter items in larger boxes and heavier ones in small boxes. This packing tip will help you a lot and save you from pain.

Another tip you can try is to use suitcases, backpacks, and other personal bags to pack items for a move. This is an effective way to relocate personal items, important documents. 

Label clearly

A tip to follow when labeling your moving boxes is to use a marker to clearly describe where the items in the box should go in your new home. Since you’re performing a family relocation, chances are you’ll have more than one bedroom and multiple bathrooms. So, keep your labels clear and specific. It will help you a lot when unpacking after the move is over. Also, if the items in the box are fragile, label the box clearly on multiple sides. It should ensure that the box is handled properly.

Pack an essential box

While packing, think about the particular items that you’re going to need right after the move, when you come into the new home. Those items may be chargers, toiletries, changing clothes, medications, snacks, and water. It can be whatever is necessary for you and your family. Make sure you keep this box with you during the relocation. Then, once you arrive in your new Arizona home, this box will be priceless as you start setting up your new life.

An empty moving box
Make sure you pack an essential box.

Family relocation from CA to AZ – In conclusion

Just like there is an Arizona relocation step-by-step guide, this packing guide with helpful tips and tricks can help you experience a stress-free move. Packing doesn’t need to be hard. With good planning and advance thoughts, you can start your relocation on a good note. Then, use these packing tips and tricks for family relocation from California to Arizona and you’re ready to move like a pro.