Eco-friendly guide to moving from California to Arizona

Are you thinking about moving to Arizona? Maybe you got a job offer that you can’t deny, or maybe you just want to see what’s it like living in the desert. Either way, you want to pack fast and you want to try to move sustainable, but you’re not sure how to do that. But don’t worry! We got your back. Here is an eco-friendly guide to moving from California to Arizona to help you out.

Arizona dream

Probably best-known for its landscapes, colorful sunsets, and explosive growth, it is a go-to location for people from all over the world. And compared to California, it is the best choice if you want to lower your costs of living. Yeah, one more advantage of living in the desert.

Other perks of living in Arizona are jam-free traffic and blooming job opportunities. Talk about why so many people choose to relocate here. So why not be one of them? And California-based specialists can help you with the move once you’re ready for it.

Eco-friendly guide to moving from California to Arizona

Moving isn’t a very easy and eco-friendly process. But there are ways to make it that way. And it’s not that hard. We pointed out some of the things you can do to minimize moving waste. So let’s begin.

Cardboard boxes
Reuse old boxes

Use the boxes you already have in your home

All of us have boxes from previous buyings laying in the attic or the basement. Why not reuse them as moving boxes, and reduce the trash. That’s one way to make moving from California to Arizona more eco-friendly. Remember, appropriate supplies are a must if you want to move ’’green’’.  Just make sure that they are environment-friendly and reusable!

Don’t be scared to use not so common packing materials

Though the most common and most used materials are everyone’s choice when it comes to packing, there are a lot of substitutes just laying around your house that could be used as a wrapping and packing material. This includes pillowcases, towels, linens, and even your clothes.

Declutter and donate what you don’t need

This is the perfect opportunity to sort things that you own. Divide your stuff into three different piles: donate, recycle and toss.  Try to donate as many things as you can, and try to recycle your other pile as soon as possible. And try to keep your toss pile as small as possible.

A yellow van moving from California to Arizona
Reduce your drives

Reduce the number of back and forth trips

Once again, you want to be environment-friendly. That’s why you want to at least try to lower your ride from and to your new home. The best thing is to hire a moving truck and moving professionals to do that part. But, if you’re not up to it, try to put as many things as possible in your car before going to your new home.

Ready, set, go green!

As you can see, it’s not that hard to be eco-friendly when it comes to moving from California to Arizona. Especially if you find a reliable moving company to help you out with the transport. You’re all set now!