Easy ways to pack clothes for an interstate relocation

An interstate relocation is a tough cookie to crack. It has many parts and things to keep account of. However, we won’t be dealing with the whole interstate relocation, but only with one part. That part is how to pack clothes. When dealing with clothes you need to pack smart and minimize packing mistakes. To help you with your moving tasks, we share easy ways to pack clothes for an interstate relocation.

​Before we get into how to pack clothes for an interstate relocation, think about hiring movers

Any interstate move is a long and laborious drive that can lead to a lot of stress. In addition, if you try to do it by yourself, it will take a lot of time and more money than hiring Arizona movers. So, if you want to reach your new home quickly, interstate movers can help. To find the best Arizona cross-country movers, you need a company that has a substantial database. And will allow you to find movers according to your criteria. When you have found the perfect moving company your need, then you can start packing your clothes.

​Do you need everything in your wardrobe/closet?

Before we get into the packing, you need to toss some of your clothes. Everybody has an old piece of clothing back in their closet that they are not wearing anymore but refuse to relieve themselves of. Now is the right time to get rid of all of your torn, dated, small or big clothes.

a woman in-between boxes smiling
You will be happier during your relocation if you hired movers.

By getting rid of your clothes, you will make it easier to pack them later on. Also, you will be saving money on moving supplies. In addition, you do not have to throw away your clothes. There are other options. You can donate them or make some money by selling them. In conclusion, when you are completed, you will have saved yourself some time and money.

​Before you can pack clothes for an interstate relocation, they need to be clean and dry

Cleaning and drying your clothes is a must before packing them – here is why:

  • You can pack clothes for an interstate relocation if they are dirty because they will be unusable when you arrive. Also, the stains and smells will set in, and it will make them harder to clean.

  • Dirty clothes will ruin other clean clothes, and then you will have to wash even more clothes. So get the cleaning and drying out of the way before you start packing.

  • Finally, if you have clean clothes, you can pack them in an essentials box. You will be able to start your day after relocation in freshly smelling clothes.

​Supplies for packing clothes

When it comes to packing supplies for clothes, they do not differ from ordinary packing materials. The usual packing materials – cardboard boxes or bins, tape and you do not need any wrapping because clothes can not break.

​Two supplies can make packing clothes easier for you.

The first one is a wardrobe moving box. The wardrobe moving box has a rail in the middle. You can pack all of your clothes from your wardrobe’s hanger directly on the rail of the wardrobe moving box. This will save you a lot of time on folding clothes. And also, it will prevent your clothes from wrinkling.

white empty closet
Fewer clothes are easier to pack clothes for an interstate relocation.

The second item is plastic bags that can be vacuum-sealed. These bags will save you space and also prevent creases. Do not think that a regular bag will be enough. Avoid them because condensation moisture can accumulate and ruin your clothes. To get any specific moving assistance, bestcrosscountrymovers.com resources can help you and can provide you with all the moving help you need. With their extensive database on many moving companies, you will find movers with any service.

​Pack clothes for and interstate relocation by organizing them

When it comes to the actual process of packing clothes, there isn’t much to it. They won’t break during transportation. The only thing you have to worry about is creases, and you can remedy that with an iron. However, organized packing will make it easier to access your clothes. This is one of the first things you should do after a move so prepare on time.

When it comes to organizing your clothes, there are many different ways. You can do it by size, type, season, and so on. We recommend systematizing your clothes by weather. It is the simplest way, and it will make the packing process faster. Separate clothes based on the weather conditions you use them for.

a pair of brow shoes
Shoes and clothes don’t mix

Warm weather clothes and cold weather clothes. And depending on the weather, you will be able to take them out without thinking about it. However. If you can not get your clothes in a closet or wardrobe right away, and your clothes will be in moving boxes for a long time, categorize your clothes more precisely.


Remember this piece of advice – do not pack your shoes and clothes together. It is unhygienic. You do not know where you have stepped on during the day, so avoid putting your shoes in with your freshly washed clothes. Pack shoes in separate boxes. Many people will recommend you use the original shoe boxes.

However, we disagree because that is a waste of space. What if you have ten pairs of shoes that would take a significant amount of space in the moving truck. Pack your shoes in medium-size boxes. Use the method hill to toe to save space. If you have expensive shoes, put them in a separate moving box or pack them in the essential bag.

You’re all set

To pack clothes for an interstate relocation, you need a lot of prep work and not a lot of packing. Packing is the easy part, and we hope that we have clarified the clothes packing process for you. Enjoy your move!