Common concerns people have during local moves

There are so many concerns people have during local moves and so many questions. We are here to answer the common ones. When to start with planning and packing is the most common question and concern. People often believe they have enough time and in the end, end up in a time crunch. Also, the most common question is whether to hire movers or DIY the relocation.

When do I have to start planning and packing for relocation?

This is the most common one among the concerns people have during local moves and the main problem is that many believe that a week or two is enough time. It is doable but a local move is not much different from a cross-country move. You still need to pack all household belongings and transport them. In case you are moving with kids, you need to prepare them for this relocation as well – that also takes some time. Before that, you need to have a purge or to put it nicely – decluttering. All of that takes time so start as soon as you find out about relocation. Ideally, you will be able to start two months before the move and you will have enough time to do everything slowly.

Pink alarm clock
The time is ticking, the relocation is approaching.

Where to get help?

Everywhere! Even your phone can be of help. Download some moving and packing apps. They are free and they can do wonders for your organization. You might want to engage professionals like and get their opinion. They will be able to offer you some good advice. For decluttering process, you can call your friends or family members to help. And if you are wondering whether to hire movers or DIY it – keep reading.

Hiring professional movers for a local move – pros and cons

  • con – it will cost you more than if you do everything on your own
  • pro – the whole process will be quicker
  • con – you will need to rely on others and if you are at the peak of the season they might not be able to relocate you exactly when you want them to
  • pro – movers can handle pretty much everything starting from packing, finding you the climate-controlled storage, planning, logistics and even settling you – in a way you can get a stress-free relocation which is impossible to achieve on your own
  • pro – they have the necessary equipment and can work in a hurry
A woman feeling stressed out and having one of the most common concerns people have during local moves
If you are starting to feel overwhelmed – you know who to call.

When is the best time for relocation?

Winter can be cold, roads can be icy and that can be dangerous. Unless you live in Florida. There are no icy roads there. Summer can also be problematic when the temperatures are very high. But if you time your relocation very early in the morning, you can avoid the highest temperatures. Spring somehow seems like a perfect season for cleaning and moving. Autumn can also be ok if there is not too much rain.