Experience of New Yorkers who retired to Arizona

Arizona is a very popular retirement destination. If you think about it what is not to love? Perfect weather, warm winters and the desert sunset is all you require for your retirement enjoyment and relaxation. Many tend to flock there from Canada, the US – from New York, Jersey, even California, and Florida. There is so much to taste and enjoy in Arizona. let’s find out about the experience of New Yorkers who retired to Arizona. Find out the Arizona retirement potential.

Retiring in Arizona

canyon in Arizona
Many New Yorkers retiring to Arizona say that nature and wide expanses are the best

Arizona is currently in the top 10 favorite retirement locations. Apart from it perfect weather, there are numerous reasons to retire there. The statistics show that its population increases more than 300.000 during the winter months. This is easily explained by the weather, but why is 17% of its population currently over the age of 65? What is it that draws people in? There are a lot of positive retirement experiences tied to retiring in Arizona. Even New Yorkers testify to their experiences concerning retiring to Arizona.

So, what would be the predominant experiences drawing New Yorkers and others to retire to Arizona:

  • Social aspect, diversity,
  • Healthcare,
  • Weather,
  • Retirement locations,
  • Financial factors,
  • Adventure Opportunities.

Social factors

As Arizona’s population is growing so are the social aspects of living there developing. Arizona is one of the top states with an increase of inbound movers. Many of the are using the services of to get there in a hurry. Moving in means to face the diversity of the state and get new social experiences. First of all, Arizona has over 20 native American tribes. Secondly, it has a large Mexican population and a predominantly Spanish speaking population.

senior couple holding their grand kids
Social aspect that senior communities offer is a great magnet to people retiring to Arizona

As far as retirement goes the state has a long history and a large number of retirement communities. Over 100 communities exist across the state. These communities are well developed offering a wide of activities for seniors. This creates a great atmosphere for socializing and widening your social circle.


Healthcare has been developing in Arizona for a long time. With so many seniors and retirees, the state had to invest in the healthcare system. Some of the top-ranked hospitals in the US are stationed in Arizona. Major cities offer top-notch healthcare and the axes to world-class hospitals.


The best selling point for retirees is the weather in Arizona. Its dry heat in the desert sun with no humidity whatsoever. Its winter temperatures are close to the temperatures that other states experience during summers. Retirees from all over the US are experiencing and enjoying over 300 days of sunshine a year. The beautiful Arizona climate draws in the majority of seniors. However, the northern part of the state has a more moderate climate and experiences all four seasons during the year.

Retirement locations

Person playing golf
Arizona offers an active retirement opportunity

Arizona is not all desert. The state has a number of great cities with developed retirement communities to research. These cities are at the same time completely different in every aspect. Predominantly the differences stem from the weather and local climate conditions. For example, the experience of New Yorkers who retired in Arizona is great moderate weather in the Lake Havasu area. Smaller towns like Payson on the other hand offer great cool climate as opposed to the rest of the State.

Financial factors

One of the main factors for retirement in Arizona is finances. The state offers great tax breaks that other states don’t. Social security income, gift, estate, and inheritance tax do not exist in Arizona. This makes it a lot easier for most of the seniors to save money while living off their savings. At the same time it’s worth noting that private pensions are fully taxed by the state.

At the same time moving and retiring in Arizona on a budget is easy. The cost of living is low. Retiring in the majority of communities is all-inclusive. Many communities offer a wide range of services and amenities calculated in the price. With all services included most of the retirees are able to cope with the expenses as opposed to living on their own.

At the same time, many of the services are paid only if they are used. As such many retirees can pick the range of amenities they want to use to fit their lifestyle and be within their budget.

Adventure Opportunities

In Arizona, there is no shortage of the things you can do. The state seems to be made for adventure. From skying to off-roading and fishing the state has it all. You can pay a visit to the Grand Canyon or any of the many national parks in the area. Seniors have a discount for the visitations and can enjoy the great outdoors at their leisure. Baseball fans can enjoy over 15 teams competing in the cactus league. In addition, Arizona has some of the best golf courses. Seniors can enjoy and experience golfing in over 300 golf courses.

So, retiring in Arizona can be great. With so much to do your retirement will be full of new experiences. The low cost of living and tax-related savings will make your income last longer. At the same time you an exploit perfect weather and enjoy your retirement days outside in nature. Do some research to find more reasons why Arizona is at the top 3 states to move to.

Silhouettes of people fishing
Many seniors find peace and quiet in fishing in Arizona

Moving to Arizona can make your retirement much more enjoyable. You can consult other sources stating the experiences of New Yorkers who retired to Arizona lately. It will make you want to organize your huge relocation with ease and be sure of your decision.

If you need more info on retirement to Arizona make sure to research more. Arizona will keep sparking your interest and drawing you in.

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Moving from Arizona to Ohio

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Moving from Arizona to New Jersey

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Leaving Arizona for NYC – how to handle moving to Brooklyn?

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Moving to Washington DC on a budget

Moving is not such a joyful business and moving to Washington DC on a budget, especially. But sometimes you must move, because of work or for some other reason that cannot be solved differently than by moving. In these hopeless situations, money problems often occur, but you have to move. Make a good plan, especially regarding the financial aspect. This is the best approach to handle the whole situation as well as possible.

Labelled cardboard boxes you will have a lot when moving to Washington DC on a budget.
Prepare packing materials as a part of the necessary preparations to move on a budget.

How to get out of this crisis and end up satisfied

The plan is necessary! What to do? Take the necessary steps:

  • Separate the items that certainly go with you to the new address. This means you have to define three groups for your belongings. Firstly, the aforementioned group of the items you don’t want to part with. Secondly, those which cannot be used anymore. Finally, the group of those possessions you cannon keep, but you still don’t want to throw them away. This last one becomes your biggest problem at the planning stage. Who should you donate them to? Is it a better idea to organize a garage sale? Think about it!
  • Organize your moving to Washington DC during the off-peak season. This way, you will be able to save up to 30%, which is what you aim at when moving on a budget.
  • Find packing supplies you will not have to pay for. If you must buy something, check the “Dollar Store” for your purchase. Here you can find some things that can be quite helpful and they are cheap! Concentrate on the best packing technique and get down to completing this task.
  • See what you can do by yourself. Compare the costs of a moving company and the version where you organize everything, or at least most of it, like packing, renting and driving a van or truck. Don’t let a moving company (if you hire one) disassemble those simple pieces of furniture. Something like IKEA or something like that, and charge you what you can easily do.
  • If you are in a situation where you need to use a suitable space to store your belongings look for it to be with the same company that you will eventually hire to move. In that case, that service could be cheaper.
An illustration of a moving truck with somebody's possessions packed inside.
Moving truck is an inevitable part of the story when it comes to moving, plan that everything can fit at once.

Develop your ideas about moving to Washington DC on a budget but think about consequences

OK! This was just a little guide that can help you develop your ideas on how to get moving to Washington DC on a budget. Each home is different and has its own characteristics and details. These are just rough ideas. They are only there to help you in what direction to think and how to get out of this situation.

Best US cities for families

When people move on their own, usually for college or for work, they can make decisions based solely on their own preferences and enjoyment. However, when moving with a family, there are many different things to consider. This is why even serious publications and government agencies often make lists of best US cities for families. Moving to Arizona, for example, may be the best option for you, but is it so for the whole family as well? Here are some of the best US cities for families you might consider.

Some of the best American cities to raise a family are coastal cities

Several Californian cities and neighborhoods, such as Irvine in Orange County, often top the lists of best cities for raising a family. The main reasons for this are the good schools in their general area. Not only do they boast in quality education facilities, but most of these schools are actually public. Besides that, the quality of healthcare is at an enviable level in many Californian cities. This is a result of there being many highly reputable medical centers throughout the state. These cities are always very family friendly for this reason too and offer varied job opportunities. The crime rates are low and the only downside is the pricey real-estate.

A family of three standing on a beach because coastal cities are some of the best US cities for families.
Coastal cities are often the best US cities for families.

Raising a family within a metropolitan area

Many couples decide to move out of the cities once they start a family. They pack up all their things using a company like the one at and move to smaller towns. However, when it comes to certain places, the cities and their wider metropolitan areas offer the best of both worlds. Scottsdale in Arizona is one such example. The pleasant weather all year round will provide your children with plenty of sunshine. They will enjoy the fresh air while doing all of the exciting outdoor activities for children available. Scottsdale is one of the best places to raise a family in the US because of its low crime rate. Furthermore, the city prides itself on great public schooling.

Two parents smiling with their baby.
There are lots of different options for moving with children, but only you know which one is right for you.

Are university towns some of the best US cities for families?

Many people disregard college towns when choosing where to move with their families, but the truth is many of them can be great places to raise a family. Cities like Ann Arbor in Michigan and Berkeley in California have a lot to offer. College cities are best US cities to raise a family especially if you want your children to grow up with varied cultural influences. It goes without saying that education is very high on the list of priorities in these places. They also offer good healthcare as they are homes to some of the best university hospitals in the country.

So what would be the best US cities for families?

Depending on where your priorities lie and what you are able to afford, there is such a wide variety to choose from. Unfortunately, in most cases, the best American cities to raise a family are mired in high prices of real estate, but many of them also offer good job opportunities. Once you take the good with the bad, you will be able to make a choice that is right for your family.

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Tourist attractions to see in Phoenix

Fellow traveler, welcome to the capital city of Arizona, Phoenix. We guess that you would like to know what some of the most interesting tourist attractions on offer are. You have come to the right place, as we have arranged a neat little list to guide you through the wonders of this sunny town. So regardless of whether you are just passing by or you plan on moving to Arizona on a permanent basis, Phoenix has plenty of tourist attractions for everyone. Take a map, pack some water and sunscreen, print this list and you are good to go exploring.

Beautiful Arizona sunset and a cactus.
One of the main tourist attractions in Phoenix is to visit the surrounding Sonoran desert.

A brief introduction to Phoenix

It is the fifth most populous city in the United States. Its history dates back to the 1870s when its first settlers established it as an agricultural community. Phoenix is on the border of Sonoran Desert and is therefore known for its warm and dry climate. This area is one of the sunniest places on earth and Phoenix itself is a city that receives the most sunshine of any major city on the Earth. In addition, the city is home to the Phoenix Suns, a famous professional basketball team that competes in the NBA. In recent years, Phoenix has evolved into one of the most sought-after destinations to move to.

Famous landmarks and tourist attractions in the Phoenix metro area

Phoenix is a city rich in different architectural influences spanning from glass skyscrapers to Spanish colonial-style buildings. Some of the most attractive landmarks to see in Phoenix are:

  • Her secret is patience is an art sculpture located in Civic Space Park. This unconventional artwork resembling an alien aircraft was made out of steel and decorated with neon lights. Its psychedelic design is the perfect material for some great photos.
  • Gammage Auditorium is a multipurpose performing arts center, The famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, whose other works are on display all around Phoenix, designed this venue.
  • Tovera Castle is one of the most prominent city landmarks.
    An Italian immigrant, who drew inspiration from the castle’s European predecessors, created this beautiful structure which resembles a wedding cake or a sand castle. Around the castle, you can find a park with a wide range of different cactus spices.
  • Saint Mary’s Basilica is a classic Spanish colonial-style church with large and stained glass windows. Built in 1914, it serves as a home to the city’s Roman Catholic population.
Everyday view of downtown Phoenix. Skyscrapers and palm trees are tourist attractions in their own way
Warm weather and growing economy turned Phoenix into the true metropolis that it is today.

Fun things to do in Phoenix

Since it is a large and diverse city, you can imagine that Phoenix has a rich offering of things to see and do. You can take a walk outside of the city and enjoy its desert scenery, bright sun, and cactuses, or you can discover its culture by visiting some of its many history, art and science museums. When you grow tired of exploring tourist attractions, drop by some of the best restaurants and dining venues in the city downtown.

Arizona state capitol museum

This magnificent building served as a government seat until it became a museum. Therefore, if you plan on becoming an Arizona citizen, this is the place to visit and learn about the turbulent history of this state. One of its exhibitions is a huge Arizona flag made entirely from Lego bricks.

Phoenix art museum

This futuristic building is a masterpiece in its own right. It is a place to visit for your monthly dose of culture as it houses over 18,000 works of art from all around the globe. Contemporary and modernist artworks, paintings of renaissance and baroque masters, Asian and American culture, are all on display here. Would you like to see Picasso or Monet? This is the right place for you.

The Heard Museum

The well-known Heard museum is dedicated to the evolution of American Indian culture and art. The museum galleries feature a wide array of pottery, cutlery, ornaments and clothes characteristic to the Natives.  Founded in 1929, it offers its visitor an insight of this important part of American history.

Pueblo Grande Museum and cultural park

The top priority for history and archaeology aficionados this ancient landmark represents one of the more interesting tourist attractions. Once home to a Hohokam tribe, it is today one of the most well preserved pre-Columbian ruins in the United States.

Desert botanical garden

Consisting of a plethora of plants and vegetation native to deserts, this delightful place is a great way to spend your weekend. It has a long walking path decorated with art displays and if you are lucky enough, there is a fair chance for you to spot hummingbirds.

Cactuses are scattered all over the dry land.
Phoenix has a very dry climate, therefore its landscape resembles something from a Spaghetti Western film.

Old Town Scottsdale

This cute little neighborhood, which is part of the greater Phoenix area, is booming with hotels, quirky pubs, restaurants, and shops with local products and souvenirs. Its web of streets is perfect for walking and window shopping. Scottsdale has a vibrant nightlife with clubs and bars that are open all night. It is easily accessible by public transit.

Hot-air balloon ride over Phoenix

Want to see Phoenix from the skies? This is probably a tourist attraction for the more courageous, but the experience will be highly rewarding. During an hour-long flight, you will get the chance to see one of the hottest and most barren places in North America, the Sonoran desert.

Heritage Square restaurants

If you become tired and hungry from exploring and visiting tourist attractions, the best idea would probably be to head to the Heritage Square and treat yourself to lunch or dinner. Luckily for you, the choices are abundant, and you can get anything from pizza to Japanese and Mexican food. While you’re eating, you can enjoy the view of the 19th-century buildings and homes.

Like we said, Phoenix has plenty to offer. Therefore, it is now your turn to prepare your backpack and camera and to dive into this sunny city. If you fall in love with Phoenix and desire to move there on a more permanent basis, feel free to check out to help you with your relocation.