Things you should know about moving abroad

Visiting a country is a completely different experience compared to living there. This doesn’t mean you won’t like the place when you relocate. Moving abroad might be the best thing you can do to spice up your life a little bit. If you want to experience new cultures and lifestyles, you should make the change. Before deciding anything, do your research and try to find out as much information as you can. There are a lot of things you should know about when moving abroad, some of them are listed below and can help you have a better experience.

Home sweet home

Moving abroad can be difficult if you are leaving your family and friends behind. The concept of home is not going to be the same again, because you are split between two countries. You will probably miss some things from your original home, but you will adapt quickly if the lifestyle in a new country is right for you. You will get homesick and feel lonely, that is just the part of a relocation. Meeting new people and making friends can take some time whether you are introvert or extrovert. It all depends on the job you have and how much free time you have to get involved in social events.

Brown padded chair in a dark room
You will feel lonely, but don’t let that get in the way of your happiness

Moving abroad is not easy

You can read all over the internet, how moving abroad is easy. It definitely has its challenges, and not everything will work out the way you thought it would. It is not until you relocate that you realize how big of a difference it is from your home. Don’t let this scare you, keep in mind that even if it doesn’t work out the way you’ve imagined, it is still worth the adventure.


Before deciding to move, make sure you legally can. Some countries ask for a residency visa or work permit. Others let you live and work for 1 or 2 years so that you can experience them. But make sure you qualify for that because it applies to younger people. Moving as a student is also a lot of paperwork, but it is easier to get a visa.


It is tricky if a country that you are moving to doesn’t speak your language, not as a first one but as a second at least. Don’t expect to learn it in two months. Hard work can help you overcome the language barrier. When you relocate, it will be easier and harder at the same time. In the beginning, it will be hard to hear it everywhere and not understand it. But later, when you’ve picked it up a bit, you will start to use it more in your everyday life. This way, you’ll learn faster because you are actively trying.

Person behind books
Hard work will help you overcome the language barrier

Discover things about yourself when moving abroad

The best thing about relocating is that you learn a lot about yourself. Different sides of us become known when we find ourselves in different situations. You will also learn how to cope with those situations if you don’t like to put yourself again in that spot. Moving abroad is the ultimate test for your personal growth because you are stepping out of your comfort zone.

How to prepare electronics for storage in Florida

Since we live in a golden age of technology, it’s a given that most of us have a number or electronic devices to pack when moving. Phones, computers, video game systems, and so on, are just some of the high-value investments. And you want to make sure that those investments are not damaged when moving. In order to achieve that, you can put them in storage. It is especially true for the Sunshine State. Heat can make electronics go wild. So, here is how to prepare electronics for storage in Florida.

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Benefits of hiring professional assistance when moving

Relocation can be pretty pricey. That’s why a lot of people hesitate when they consider hiring professional assistance when moving. The fear of paying too much often comes from being inexperienced with hiring moving companies and having negative past experiences with scams, hidden moving costs and overpaying. However, hiring professional assistance can be very beneficial for many reasons. Let’s see what are the advantages of having a professional moving company to help you out.

You simply can’t do it alone

Relocating a home or office includes a lot of tasks and heavy lifting and carrying. That’s why it’s no advisable to do it all by yourself. Of course, you can ask family or friends to help you out. But it’s quite difficult to organize different people to come at the same time since all of them have work or other things to do. Hiring professional assistance would mean you’ll get expert help in arranged time – which means less time do complete the job.

a person giving a key to a young couple
Hiring professional assistance means less time needed to complete your move.

You’ll save a lot of time

Trained movers are experienced and have enough skill to complete all the moving tasks fast and effective. Therefore, it would mean you’ll have a lot of time left for other tasks to do like adapting to your new home, transferring bills and mail, helping your kids and pets adapt, etc. Moving with kids can be quite stressful, so you should have some time left to focus on that rather than carrying boxes.

You won’t get hurt if you opt for hiring professional assistance when moving

Even though many people don’t see it like that, relocation can be quite dangerous. People usually strain their backs or hurt in some other way when carrying heavy items. If they don’t know how to lift and carry heavy and bulky items, they can easily get hurt and make the moving process even longer and more expensive. Hiring professional assistance when moving includes skilled professionals who are ready to lift any item you need. That’s because they know how to do it right and also have the right equipment. So, if your items include a lot of bulky, heavy things – be sure to hire someone to help you out.

Relocation will be less stressful

If you’ve moved at least once in your lifetime, you know who strong moving stress can be. It usually happens due to unexpected damage, accidents, etc. That’s why knowing your move to detail will bring you a calm and easy atmosphere, rather than a stressful and hectic one. Letting professionals deal with your items will make you more calm about everything so you can enjoy coming to your new home.

Your piano will be safe

Having a piano is amazing. However, when the time comes to move the piano to another home – it becomes the problem. If you are not experienced with this type of item, you can easily get hurt and damage your beloved instrument. Hiring professional assistance when moving can also include professional piano moving services. The skilled movers will use the right equipment to dismantle and relocate your piano safely and quickly.

a person playing the piano
If you hire professional movers, your piano will be safe during the move.

Hiring professional assistance when moving is inevitable if you have a fine arts collection

Art around the home is great. However, fine art is often very fragile and expensive, so moving it by yourself can be quite risky. Think about hiring professional assistance when moving so you can be sure your art pieces are in safe hands. This way you’ll avoid potential damage and additional costs, and your fine art will ake your new home nicer in no time.

Hiring professional assistance when moving implies easy packing

People generally tend to do the packing by themselves. However, they often regret it when they become ‘trapped’ in all those boxes and packing paper. What’s a huge benefit of hiring professional assistance when moving is having your items safely packed in a very short time. Professional movers have the right tools and packing supplies, so they make sure your items are safely placed in each box and won’t damage during transport. Packing by yourself requires a lot of time, finding all the boxes, packing supplies and skill. That’s why we recommend hiring experienced movers like the ones at and making sure all the boxes are safely packed.

a woman holding a ig cardboard box
Packing is easy when you hire professionals for your move.

Movers know the best routes

Driving to a new neighborhood or city for the first time can be pretty confusing, especially if you have all the moving boxes with you. Professional movers will check the area you’re moving to, and find the best and fastest route to your new home. They easily avoid traffic jams, narrow streets, busy road, etc. This way your times will be transported quickly with the minimum risk of damage and loss.

Picking the right moving company is essential

All of these benefits of hiring professional assistance when moving are only valid if you find the right moving company. When looking for moving assistance, be sure to know how to avoid fraudulent moving companies and choose only the best. Be sure to pick only the company you can trust, and that has a lot of experience and satisfied customers. Online reviews and personal recommendations can be of great help. Double-checking whom you’re hiring can really guide you to the perfect choice and help you avoid scams and hidden costs.


As you could see from all the benefits mentioned above, hiring moving assistance when moving is definitely a great idea. It can make your relocation smooth, fast and safe – which is priceless. However, this is not true if you pick any random company you find. Since there are many moving companies on the market, it’s natural that there are many fraudulent companies there, too. That’s why being extra careful with your choice is the key to a quick and easy move. Only choosing a trustworthy mover can really help you have a stress-free relocation which is worth paying for.

How to easily move music instruments

Moving is an important project and you need to plan it thoroughly. Relocating your furniture and clothes is not an easy task, but what if you have to move music instruments too? Since they can be very fragile and sensitive, they need special handling. You need to be aware that moving takes time and you need to be very patient. Let’s start!

Choose the right company to move music instruments

There is an ever growing number of moving companies, and you have to choose one that fits your wants and needs. It is not an easy job to do, but if you put an effort into it, you will be able to pick the right one for you. Let’s be honest – musical instruments relocation cannot be inexpensive! But, can you put a price on your music instruments being carefully relocated? Of course not! If you need special relocation services, be generous when deciding on your budget for the move and start searching. Don’t be cheap when it comes to your precious items.

Relocating your instruments can be a piece of cake if you choose the right movers

Make a list of eligible companies and start calling. Ask them whatever you need to know:

  • What do they include in their service?
  • Do they provide packing materials?
  • Do they charge for the estimate?
  • When are they available for the move?
  • How much do they charge to move music instruments?
  • What precautions do they take in order for your items to remain intact?
  • Do they charge additionally if they have to carry the load up the stairs?
A pile of money - American dollars
It can cost a lot to move music instruments, but you really need professionals for this job

Let’s take a look at how different instruments are packed

Packing a piano is the most difficult task

There are moving companies that specialize in moving pianos only. That is how tricky the job can be. If you pride yourself in owning such an instrument, don’t risk damaging it due to incompetent moving. Pros will never give you the estimate before analyzing every detail of the future move. They will ask you about the type of piano. They will measure the doorways, hallways, and staircases that are in the way. Piano transportation usually requires the use of a dolly or piano skid boards. So, you should check whether your movers have them. The reputable ones should.

If you, by any chance, decide to move your instrument on your own, that is, with the help of your friends, bear the following tips in mind. A rule of thumb for every move is to disassemble everything that you can prior to the move. Remove the keys, pedals, and legs. Then comes the packing. Use moving blankets to protect the entire piano and secure the blankets with lots of tape. Don’t forget to wrap the parts that you have already removed. Make sure that you have secured the top lid. You will need at least four people to do the job of carrying the piano. Be careful to avoid the injuries that can easily occur when you move music instruments.

Grand piano that needs very special care when you move music instruments
Moving a piano is a job that has to be done very carefully

When you move music instruments, your string instruments need to be handled with utmost care

An amateur would think that moving a string instrument is an easy task. After all, you see people carrying them to gigs in their hands all the time. However, moving string instruments in a bulk is where the problem might appear. The best thing to do is to carry the instruments in their original cases. But, for the move, they need to be secured inside the case too.

If you have a violin or a cello, make sure that you loosen up the strings so that they don’t get broken. Moreover, if they have adjustment keys, turn the keys to be parallel to the headstock. Now, before you put the string instrument inside its standard case, you should wrap it in soft padding. If there is any room left inside the case once you put the protected instrument inside, it should be filled with soft material too. The crumpled paper could be handy for such a purpose. String instruments are extremely fragile, don’t forget that!

Here are some tips on moving brass and wooden instruments

Naturally, hard cases provide better protection than soft ones when you move music instruments. It is the same case for brass and wooden instruments too. Here, you should be careful when putting them inside the boxes not to put too much padding. Excessive protection at one side can push the instrument inside the box and rub it against the sides of the box which can lead to damaging. Again, if you can tear apart the instrument, you should do it before moving. Bow instruments should have their bow hair loosened to relieve the tension on the stick.

Two shiny trumpets
Brass instruments need soft material around them inside the case

Percussion instruments are easiest to pack

Percussion instruments are designed to absorb shock on a daily basis, that is why they are easiest for packing and transport. Mind you, it is still not like moving your clothes. There are still some sensitive parts like a drumhead on a drum. Use a piece of cardboard cut to fit its shape and tape it. You will need a box a little bit larger than the instrument. Make sure to protect all sides of the box with soft padding and you are ready!

Unfortunately, there are so many things that can go wrong when you move music instruments

Moving music instruments is very similar to fine art handlingyou can never be too careful about it. There are several factors that need to be considered. The first one is humidity – acoustic guitars and wooden instruments are very sensitive to it. Then, extreme cold and heat are also adversaries to the instruments since they tend to expand or shrink when exposed to them. Dust can also be a threat to music instruments since it can scratch the finish and thus change the sound the instrument produces.

When you move music instruments, make sure that they are safe and secure at any cost and they will reward your senses the next time you play them.

Moving from a big city to a small town for work

Moving from a big city to a small town for work. Life brings some sudden changes that were once unexpected and sometimes planned. Life in a big city matches someone, and it’s probably better and more comfortable to live in a big city for the convenience it offers in every way. Housing, work, schools, health, supplies, other services, and everything else are in a big city in some way better and more comfortable than in small towns. However, small towns have their own advantages and can be proud of their peace, less space, saving time in transport from point “A” to point “B”, it is possible and a cheaper life, which is certainly not to be rejected.

Moving from a big city to a small town for work
You can make a party to introduce your family and yourself and to know your new neighbours

Are you ready to move from a big city to a small town

When two good sides cling to each other, good work and life in a small town can bring great satisfaction. Sometimes, depending on the temperament of people experiencing this change. It can be a decision to stay in these conditions for the rest of your life, or a decision to escape as soon as possible. This, of course, depends on several factors. Age is in the first place. Probably, life habits, which means previous life. If you are you born in a big city so you do not know what life is like in a small town at all? But if you have decided to find a job in a small town, it’s probably gone through your head in all directions and you’ve measured everything well, more than once.

When you are moving from a big city to a small town

You have to find an appropriate home for you and your family if you do not want to spend money on buying new furniture and other household appliances. If you want to replace the already worn furniture, it’s a problem that money can solve. But if your decision is to move furniture and other home appliances, then you definitely need professional help, from someone like the Those are the options which are most common.

If you move your things and furniture

Okay, that’s it. You found the job, you found the place to live and now you have to move to your new residence. Now you have to decide! Will you do it on your own? Or you will find a reliable moving company and leave them to do the job? There are many differences if you lived in a large or small residence in a big city. So, if you decided to engage a moving company and in case you need movers from Arlington Heights, IL you can find it there.

Visit the town you’ll gonna live in before you move from a big city

You have to learn about the new place of living. Meet new neighbours and to socialise. You’ll gonna find some new friends. It is almost sure that they’ll gonna help you to move into your new residence. Hospitality and kindness are far more represented in small environments than in large ones. So you can expect a lot of help. Maybe you’ll get an offer to come for lunch or dinner while you have not yet settled. Maybe some nice pie or cake is waiting for you. So answer these unofficial calls and expressions of goodwill. There will come your moment when you will do the same to a new arrival in the small town where you will probably be the native.

Find a nice places for you and your family
Find a nice place for you and your family

You’ll know much in a few days

Expect to find out, in a few days, everything you need to know to live almost normal in a small town. You do not have to ask much, the answers will arrive even if you do not ask. Most of them will try to get your affection because they also desire changes too, and there is not so much opportunity for some.

You have to do some efforts to earn some affection from your new environment

Here are some activities you have to do to provide a good social life in a new environment in a new small town where you’ll gonna live for a while:

  • First of all, you have to mingle with the locals
  • Maybe you don’t have a habit, but you’ll gonna socialise with local residents
  • Find your new neighbours and talk to them before and after you decide to move, and after you move in
  • Make a party and invite all your neighbours! Do not forget any of them, even if you already had any kind of small argue with any of them
  • Ask your neighbours are there some good places for a picnic, fishing or something you like, some sightseeing or something like that
Man with a suitcase
Where ever you find a good job, go for it

Mingle with the locals and socialise with them

It is important, when you live in a small town, to make friends and meet your new community. Meet them everywhere you can! Get to know doctors, teachers, bakers, police officers… Sit with them in common places, like diners, coffee shop, create bandages with them. Maybe you’ll need them, maybe they’ll need you you’ll never know. Do not turn your back on any friendship. Like I’ve said before maybe they’ll need you. Helping people is a blessing, no matter if they ever help you.

Ask your neighbours about the area around the town

Only if you like to explore by yourself don’t ask your neighbours about the places around the town where you can spend some time alone with your own thoughts in nature. If you are not an explorer which is hard to be if you are born in a big city. At least this kind of an explorer, in nature. So, ask your neighbours where is good to go or where is not and why.

Make a party for the neighbours

They’ll love it for sure. There is an opportunity to learn about the town and its people. So, do it for them and for you. They’ll be grateful and you will be happy sharing joy of knowing them.

Best places to start a family in the US

Do you want to start a family, but you are not currently living in a place safe enough for kids? You and your spouse are ready for the next step, so you should be ready to move, in order to give your kids the best life and good opportunities. Do you know some places to start a family in the US? If you do not, it is not a problem, we do.

Pregnant woman sitting in the grass
Are you expecting a child, do not panic. Find a place perfect for you

This is the first step of parenthood. Providing your future kids the best place for living and good education. There are many US cities for families and young kids, so how to choose the best for you? We know how.

Where are the best places to start a family in the US?

First of all, you need to set your priorities. Kids will be in the first place now. You will be responsible for their life and future. A place you choose should be:

  • Places to start a family in the US should be affordable, so you can afford quality education, trips with family, more food, a bigger house, etc.
  • Schools in the city must be good, with high scores. Kids’ future will depend on their education and work ethic.
  • Safety is a major factor, of course. A low crime rate is necessary.
  • Family-friendly activities are important when moving with a family or want to start one, so check that too before moving. Parks, outdoor activities, restaurants, etc.
  • Yes, kids will be always the center of your world, but it does not mean you cannot enjoy and spend time with friends and spouse. A nightlife for parents is a big advantage.
Holding baby shoes
Provide your family the best life, and your kids, the best childhood

Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor is the city in Michigan, perfect for kids and families. It is safe, it has amazing public schools, it is affordable, diverse, and at the same time, has good nightlife for parents. When you want to start a family, you should think about every detail. Do not worry, moving to Ann Arbor will make your parenthood easier. The population is almost 120,000 and the median home value is $272,000 which is affordable.

Naperville, IL

If you want to raise your kids in Illinois, Naperville is one of the best options. Not only, this city is the best in Illinois, but also, in the states too. Most people own their home and it has a suburban feel. Schools are highly rated and the median home price is $400,000. It is a little pricy, but on the other hand, it has a lot to offer for young families.

The Woodlands, TX

A beautiful city in Texas, one of the perfect places to start a family in the US. Why? First of all, the weather is great, always sunny and hot, so you have plenty of outdoor activities for the entire family. Second of all, it is affordable and has great schools. The unemployment rate is low, the crime rate is low and it has a suburban feel. Perfect for young families. It became a popular spot for tourists, and some of them choose to move there because of the extraordinary beauty and nature.

Arlington, VA

The biggest city on this list and with a population of 230,000. This city in Virginia has a lot to offer. Of course, it has cons too, like any other city in the world. The major for this place is housing because it is a little bit more expensive. Many young professionals who want to work on their career life, love to move here. If you want to have kids, it does not mean your social and career life should suffer.

Columbia, MD

Maryland, one of the states with the richest history. The median home value in Columbia is $368,000 and it is worth it because it has highly rated public schools. Parks has a lot of activities for kids, it is a dog-friendly city too.

Cambridge, MA

Cambridge, Massachusetts is a good city for families and at the same time, for young professionals too. So, you can work on your career and you can start a family. Homes are a bit expensive, and that is the only disadvantage. Everything else is on your side. Find Concord based moving experts at your service and start your new life here.

Hampton, NH

If you love the beach, and small towns, Hampton is just the place for you and your future family. Also, you will be able to find affordable moving assistance in Hampton and to save money on relocation. This small town has a lot of restaurants, parks, and you will spend a lot of time outside with your family.

After you decide where to move, hire a mover!

After you decided where to move and what place is the best to raise a family, it is time to research moving companies to help you move. Moving costs will depend on where will you move and how many items you have to move. Hiring Preferred Movers NH will help you a lot.

A mover you will hire for the next chapter in your life, must be:

  • Licensed
  • Insured
  • Experienced
  • Reliable
  • Affordable

Especially if you are moving on short notice, you should be sure a moving company will finish everything on time. Time is money, so delays are not welcome.

Woman holding a picture of a home
When you find your perfect future home, it is time to call a mover


After choosing one of the best places to start a family in the US, moving preparation may start. Being a parent is not easy, but it is a beautiful experience, and your child will be everything to you. So, if you are not sure about relocation, just think about the family’s future. Find your next home town and pack your bags.

Tips for moving on short notice

Life is an unpredictable director whom you can hire, but it is not necessary because he is always in your service. The best directors can make complications that no one can predict or expect. Well, since life is the director, moving on short notice is not something that can be so easy to bypass. Moving on short notice is not something that happens often, but it does happen and one has to deal with it. Thus, here are some useful tips on how to prepare and organize for moving on short notice if you ever need it.

Tips for moving on short notice – Strategy

Lack of available time does not put anyone in a dangerous position. However, it increases the stress level and coping with moving stress is never easy. The truth is that you have to do everything faster than in a more comfortable situation. Much depends on what determines the deadline. If the reason is to take or enter a new home for some reason, then it makes things easier. If the deadline is set to leave the previous place of residence, then it is more serious. So, if it is the first reason, then the family can be separated temporarily. So, some of them go to a new apartment with some basic necessities. The other part of the family can, in peace, prepare relocation in a more adequate way.

Prepare for the move fast

We will focus now on the problem that requires moving on short notice from the residence. If it’s family relocation, then it will be much easier. Every member of the family will do their part in preparing and packing things and everything will work at an accelerated pace. Even the small children can take care of their toys, pack them, possibly entertain pets and enjoy working with the adults on this important endeavor. It is of utter importance to keep optimism and cherish positive mood.

four clocks becuase time factor is important when moving on short notice
Include even the youngest members of your family in the preparation of relocation.

Careful planning is indispensable when moving on short notice

As with any move, the plan and organization are imperative. In this case, they are even more important than when moving without restrictions or deadlines. The omission of the preparation plan can only slow down the whole process and can lead to a failure to meet the deadline. Every good plan is sometimes more than half of the work done. Take the time to make a plan so as to avoid potential problems. Sometimes, depending on many things, the failure to meet the deadlines costs money or has other consequences. Remember that your goal is moving on short notice, so act and plan accordingly.

Tips for moving on short notice – Let’s make a moving checklist

The moving checklist must contain the following elements:

  • You must first secure your own documentation, property papers, financial documentation and any other documentation of relevance. Secure it well if you don’t want your documents to get lost or damaged during the process of moving.
  • Take good care of your valuables. It doesn’t matter whether their value is material or emotional, it is important to protect them well and prevent any damage while moving on short notice.
  • Sort your stuff.
  • Make a list of your things.
  • Don’t forget to label your boxes. It will help with both loading and unloading your items onto and from the moving truck and with unpacking as well.
  • Load the things that are least necessary to you first, because you will only get to them at the end of the unloading.
  • At the very end, pack the necessary things, because they are needed until the end of the moving out and at the very beginning of the moving in.
 an hourglass
Time is leaking.

Hire a respectable moving company when moving on short notice

Relocation on short notice can be facilitated by the engagement of a moving company. It is certainly important that the one who moves under the pressure of a short-term period engages the moving company because then it will all go much, much faster. Experienced and knowledgeable movers you can find at are the best choice for you. The job will not only go faster but it will go much easier too. Asking your family and friends to help you is a good option, but for the least demanding moves. Understandably, when moving on short notice, only professionals can provide you with the help you need.

Unpacking when moving on short notice

Your movers can help with the unpacking task, too. They will be there to unload your belongings from the moving truck and distribute them to your rooms if you want them to. This is particularly helpful when you need to move on short notice and finish everything in a limited period of time. Those who are considering a DIY move in these circumstances are very brave and ready to risk. Moving on your own is not impossible, but you have to know that mistakes are more likely to happen. Thus, ask yourself whether you are ready for the challenge.

a lot of clocks
Just on time.


Moving on short notice is not so common, but you have to be ready for it nevertheless. If it turns out that you need to leave your current home fast, take a deep breath and get down to planning. Don’t forget to hire reliable movers, because they can help considerably with their knowledge, skill, and equipment. The key to success when moving on short notice lies in careful planning and organization. There is no need to worry, but the need to organize yourself is the most important.

Moving overseas for the first time

Are you considering moving overseas for the first time? If you are, then, you are probably worrying about fitting in, finding new friends as well as saying goodbye to all old ones, maybe even finding a new job and a new place to live in. Those are all time, money, and energy consuming things that you need to take care of before you leave. But, another thing you have to before moving overseas for the first time is to find an affordable and reliable moving company as well as move to the new country properly. So, without further ado, here is a simple guide on what you need to do before you move out for good.

Visit Your New Country

Before you pack your bags, it is necessary to visit your new country and city at least once. It is best if you know what to prepare for. Also, this is a great way to get a good feel for the location, find the neighborhoods that will suit your needs, and meet the locals.

Moreover, it is advised to do some researching before you come to the new place in order to know which neighborhoods to visit and where to find an apartment or a house. If possible, try to find a place to live before you move out for good. In that way, you will know how much space you will be able to work with and you will know the sizes of each room. By doing this, you will know how much downsizing is necessary and what to pack. Furthermore, while you are there, talk to the locals or buy a guidebook in order to learn as much as you can about the city you are moving to.

A woman pointing at a map
When you come to the new city for the absolute first time, be a tourist. Do some researching for a while.

Find a Place to Live Before Moving Overseas

As previously mentioned, it would make your life easier if you would find a place to live in before you move. Otherwise, you will have to live in hotels or rent for a couple of months until you get a real feel for the city. So, be smart. In order to find an affordable and safe place to live in, that is also close to your work and your children’s school, hire a realtor.

A good realtor will show you houses and apartments that suit your needs the most. Do not try to cut corners on this one, you are a foreigner and you do not want to be tricked in buying something that is not good enough. Proper realtors know the market inside and out, and, what is more, they will be able to help you out with all the paperwork, especially if you do not speak the new language yet. So, before looking for Lebanon based moving experts at your service to help you with your relocation, find a place to live first.

two people shaking hands - moving overseas
Having a proper realtor is just as important as having a proper moving agent.

Find an Interstate Moving Company

If you were thinking about having a DIY kind of interstate move, you will probably make a huge mistake. This is a long and complicated process. So, do yourself a favor, and hire a moving company like Boueri Freight Services Lebanon for example. They will handle your relocation from start to an end and you will not have to lift a finger. Bear in mind that when moving overseas for the first time you will need all the help you can get. Just make sure to find an interstate moving company which is reliable and trustworthy.

However, before you hire a certain moving company, do some researching, ask for recommendations, and aks a couple of them for an in-home estimate. By doing this, you will know the final price of your move and you can budget accordingly. Do not forget to ask which services do they include in their price. An interstate moving company should offer the following services:

  • packing and unpacking
  • loading and unloading
  • taking care of transportation
  • handling your freight
  • heavy lifting
  • providing you with the best packing materials
  • dealing with insurance and all the necessary paperwork.

Purge Before Packing

So, after you know with how much space you can work, you need to seriously declutter your current home, that is, prepare for junk removal. Shipping and moving overseas is extremely expensive. And, in order to save money, try to downsize as much as possible. Start by cleaning each and every room. Get rid of all the things that are not working, that are broken or that are simply useless. Do not get too sentimental. Things are replaceable! Pack only what is necessary and what has sentimental value. If you have some old furniture, give it to your friends and family. The same goes for the books you no longer need or clothes you no longer wear. If nobody you know wants to take your things, consider visiting a local charity and donating.

Room full of boxes.
Moreover, if you want to earn some extra cash to help you with moving overseas, think about organizing a yard sale and selling all the thing you do not plan on taking with you.

Prepare for a Cultural Shock

Saying goodbye to everybody and everything familiar and leaving your comfort zone can be nerve-racking. But, it is something you have to do in order to turn a new leaf and start fresh. However, since people are overwhelmed with moving overseas for the first time, they forget to prepare themselves for a cultural shock. Let’s be honest, you will now have to live a completely different lifestyle and be surrounded by completely different people. So, do a lot of researching, explore the lifestyle, traditions, and customs of your new neighbors. If they are speaking a different language, make sure to know at least some basics. And, last but not least, let yourself be a tourist for a while. This is the best way to deal with moving stress. Good luck!

Moving with family – step by step guide

No matter how patient and calm parent you are – when you think about moving with kids, you probably start to worry just a little. We admit – moving with family is not easy. Especially if you have a large family. Each of the members handles the relocation differently – some cry, some don’t take it seriously,  others take it too seriously – you just need the balance. However, with the right strategy and acting according to the plan – it’s going to be a pretty smooth and even fun journey. We prepared some of the useful tips and a step by step guide so the moving with family causes you the least stress and worries.

Step one – Choose the right home when moving with family

Whatever the reason for moving with family is, you should try to find the best choice when it comes to choosing a new home. Your whole family will be spending a lot of time there, so you need to make sure to find the perfect home. Be sure to:

  • Start your search in advance – the process of buying a home can take a while, so if possible, be sure to start your search months ahead to have plenty of time to make the right decision.
  • Hire a professional – A trustworthy, experienced real estate agent will make the search easier. They will consider your life situation and offer you the best deal according to your family’s needs.
  • Research kindergartens, schools, playgrounds (even nannies) in the area you like – You need to have everything you need for your kids close to your home.
  • Consider the commute time, too – If you already have a job, be sure to consider the commute time in your house hunting. Don’t let it take away the most of your free time you could be spending with your family.
  • Do both online & offline research – Browse houses online, but also ask the people you know for recommendations. Walk around neighborhoods you like, talk to the locals and think – if your family lived there – would you like it?
  • Involve the kids, too – Check if your kids want something from a house. Separate bedrooms, a backyard, etc. – so you can find that too if possible.
  • Check the safety of a neighborhood/city – When moving with family, safety should be one of the priorities. Check the crime reports online, but also talk to the locals. Remember, a well-lit neighborhood with a lot of playgrounds and kids playing around seems like a safe place for your family.
welcome home sign you can use in your new home after moving with family
Finding the perfect home is the first and the most difficult step when moving with family.

Step two – Inform your children that you are moving

Don’t let your kids find out about the move some other way – parents need to be the one to tell them. Have a talk about the relocation and prepare them for it.  Tell your kids the reason why you are moving and good things about it. Moving with children can be quite tricky and sensitive so be sure to have the right approach. Stay positive and promise to involve them in the process. Being a part of the whole relocation journey will make it easier for kids to accept leaving the current home, neighbors, school, friends, etc.

a man holding a toddler
Include your kids in the relocation process.

Step three – Prepare the move on time when moving with family

Moving with family involves a lot of organization and packing. Therefore, don’t forget to start on time.  Be sure to write a moving plan and all the tasks you need to do. Thus, you can finish them one by one and tick them off the list. As a result, you will be aware of how much you need to do and be sure you don’t forget anything.

Step four – Hire a professional moving company

Moving with family is a huge process you can’t deal with on your own. That’s why hiring professionals to help you out is the best investment you can make. Be sure to look for trustworthy movers in Sahuarita, AZ and choose someone you can really trust with your items.

a keyring you get after moving with family
Hiring professionals to help you move is a smart investment.

Step five – Start packing

Don’t do all the packing in one day. It’s much easier and efficient to do it room by room, weeks before the actual moving day. Start packing the items you don’t need on a daily basis, and work your way towards the everyday items. Also, be sure to use the best packing materials – this way you’ll pack your items in the safest way.

Step six – Declutter

Every family home contains a lot of things they no longer need – outgrown clothes, old toys, unused items.  Relocation is the perfect chance to get rid of those things and make more space in your new home. Furthermore, if you have fewer things to pack – your moving costs will be lower, too.

Don’t have enough space?

Sometimes, no matter how much you declutter, there are some things you can’t get rid of, but you also don’t have the space for them in your new home. Don’t worry –storage space is the right solution for you. When looking for affordable storage units in Tucson area, choose one that offers suitable conditions for your items.

Step seven – The moving day

Even if you were alone, the moving day could be pretty stressful and busy. If possible find somebody to take care of the kids while the boxes are being carried out. Maybe your parents, friends or even a nanny can take care of them for a while. Furthermore, be sure to pack one separate box with kids’ favorite toys or other things, which they can use as soon as you arrive at your new home.

When moving with family – don’t forget your pets

If you have pets, be sure to keep them away from the moving events. They can be very upset with strangers coming to the house and taking away boxes and furniture, so it’s best to find someone to take care of them, too. Also, once you arrive at your new home, pay attention to your pet while it gets familiar with the new environment, and don’t let them run away, which is a common reaction.

How to Organize Your NYC Move?

Moving, whether to another state or just around the block is nerve-racking. There is no doubt when it comes to that. But moving to New York is another story. There is a reason why so many people want to move to the city that never sleeps and the city where dreams come true. It is a place full of opportunities. However, since so many people want to live here, the competition is huge. You need to be prepared! So, organize your NYC move as soon as you set a date for it with this simple guide.

New York View
New York City goes by many names – The Big Apple, The city that never sleeps, The city where all your dreams come true… So, do not wait, organize your NYC move immediately.

Why Do People Move to New York City?

So, before we start talking about organizing your NYC move, let us first tackle the issue of why so many people love the Big Apple and want to move there. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Job Opportunities – New York is a place for everybody, especially for those with big dreams. There are countless job opportunities lurking behind every corner.
  • The Challenge – Although this place seems amazing, there are some downsides. Things like extremely high rent, small homes, noise and high prices for pretty much everything can scare a lot of people. But, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. And that is why people move to NYC, they love the challenge.
  • Status – Well, this is simple, everybody will envy you!
  • Freedom – Here, you can be as weird as you want to be. You can do whatever makes you happy, and people will not look down on you. Every life decision is acceptable.
  • Eternal Youth – There is no need to grow up. You can stay forever young in NYC.
  • Cultural Diversity – You can meet almost every nation here, and you do not even have to leave your neighborhood.

Hire a Moving Company to Help You Organize Your NYC Move

In order to organize your NYC move, you need to be prepared well. But, you can never be really prepared without the help of professionals. It is advised that you start looking for a moving company as soon as you know the right date of your NYC move. It is necessary to start early if you want to find a company which is both reliable and within your budget. So, begin by getting recommendations from your friends, family members, colleagues, or anybody you know who has moved recently.

Then, check online reviews, read the comments sections and choose two or three moving companies and ask them for an in-home estimate. That will give you a precise and final cost of your move. Moreover, do not forget to ask about additional costs and insurance.

A man moving boxes during a NYC move
Moving in a place as big as New York can be complicated. So, save yourself from all that trouble, and hire professional help.

Find a New Place to Live In

Before you start packing your bags for your NYC move, you need to know where you are moving to, right? So, do some research and see which part of New York will suit your needs the most. Basically, there are five boroughs in New York:

  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • The Bronx
  • Staten Island

Each borough has plenty to offer, it just depends on your needs. And that is the first thing you need to pay attention to. For example, if you want to be in the center of happenings then, Manhattan is the best choice. If, however, you are moving with your family and need something more affordable, then you should choose Brooklyn. One thing is for sure, you need to have a place ready for you to move in before you hire a moving agency. In that way, you will know with how much space you can work with, and start downsizing if necessary.

Before Your NYC Move – Downsize!

One thing is for sure, New York City is extremely expensive. Rents are high, and, houses are nowhere to be found, and you will probably end up living in a small apartment. So, prepare for that! Downsize before your NYC move. Get rid of all the junk that is laying around. You did not come here to live with your stuff, but to pursue your dreams. You will not spend that much time indoors anyway. So, before the moving company comes to put your boxes into a moving truck, make sure to have a small amount of them. Do not be over sentimental with your belongings. Things are replaceable. Pack only what is necessary and what has sentimental value. And, things that are left, you can either sell online, organize a yard sale, donate or throw away.

a room full of boxes
When living in New York, you will have to learn to live with less. But, do not worry, you will not miss material things at all.

Pack Properly and Look for Storage

Professional movers use high-quality packing supplies. Their plastic packing supplies are eco-friendly and they also make your items completely safe. Moreover, they do all the packing for you. However, if you decide to save some money and do all the packing by yourself, you will need to start preparing for it at least a week early.

Try to find moving supplies like cardboard boxes and plastic bins in your local hardware store or stationery shop. Remember to buy moving blankets, packing peanuts, tape, and scissors. Capital City Bins can provide all of the above and more! Then, start packing each room at the time. Moreover, it is quite possible that your New York City apartment will be too small. So, if you have a lot of stuff that you do not want to get rid of, consider putting them in a storage facility nearby. NYC has a lot of options when it comes to storage, so it should not be hard to find one.