Big New York family shares valuable tips for moving to Arizona

You will be needing some tips for moving with your big family. Every relocation can be a hassle, add many family members to that and you are in for quite a ride. So in order to help you, we asked for advice from a big family that recently relocated to Arizona. If you are about to relocate you should start on time. Planning and packing especially if you have kids can take some time. That’s ok, that way you will be sure to plan right and do everything that needs to be done in time. So, you will have nothing to worry about when the moving day comes. Let’s, thus, start with some helpful tips for moving to Arizona.

Tips for moving to Arizona

We heard all you need to know about life in Arizona with a big family. Arizona has a very stable and great economy. Reasonably low cost of living is the best news for big families. You will be able to find plenty of job opportunities which is great. Housing prices are slightly above the national average. Cities in Arizona are ranked among the top 100 best places to live in which is really great. The weather is warm, sunny, and nice just like in Florida, but unlike in Florida, it’s not that humid. You have plenty of outdoor activities, bars, and clubs to choose from for your entertainment. So all age groups will be fine with your upcoming relocation. Even seniors can enjoy it here.

A woman at the top of a mountain.
There is so much to explore in Arizona.

Tips for moving with seniors

Since we mentioned seniors, some big families are relocating with one or more seniors, and here are few tips for moving with seniors :

  • find movers that can offer you additional service “senior relocation” in order to make this relocation more comfortable for them in case they are unable to travel with you due to sickness or in case they are immobile.
  • make sure that you have their medical history on you at all times during the travel
  • just like with kids you should pay special attention and make more stops for them so they can stretch and relax
  • make sure that their meds are close by
  • don’t forget about food and water
  • bringing some magazines for the road would be nice

Those are just some of the basics. They need us to pay special attention to them now when they are old and can do everything on their own. Just like they took care of us when we were small and couldn’t do it.

Two seniors aitting on a bench.
Seniors can have a hard time with moving.

Tips for moving to Arizona with kids

Kids are amazing little humans. Everything is an adventure for them. Older ones will need more talking and explaining of course but for younger ones, this can be such a fun adventure. You will need to do all the packing for them of course. But when the day for relocation comes you can make a game out of it. This way you will create memories for life. Take some pictures on the road so you can frame them and hold them forever.

Tips for packing

Packing can be quite difficult for big families. The reason is simple. More people equals more stuff. So before you even start packing you should take a look at all the stuff you want to bring. Every family member ( except small children ) should declutter first. There is no need to bring everything with you to Arizona. Especially stuff you no longer use. After you all are done with decluttering you can start by sorting your stuff. Pack fragile items first, because they need special attention. But load them in movers truck last. Moving boxes are ok choice but you can have something better for transporting your stuff – Capital City Bins NYC are the best option and it’s also very eco-friendly.

How to pack easily

Use plastic bins, they are an affordable and practical option for big families with so much stuff to pack. Sort items and for the fragile ones secure them in bubble wrap or in your stuff. For example, glasses can be packed in clothes for extra protection. Downloading moving apps can also help you. Making a plan and list for packing can be the best solution. Include all family members. There is no need to do it all on your own. Small kids can’t help but bigger ones can.

Tips for moving day

Moving day can be very stressful. But if you planned everything on time you should be just fine. If you hire professional movers they will be doing all the heavy lifting for you. This is especially good for big families, just because it’s easier. If you are doing everything on your own be extra careful. People forget about proper lifting and that’s when accidents happen. Research how to lift heavy items properly in order to avoid any injuries. Take care of yourself and your health.

Settling in Arizona

Arizona can be really great place. People there are friendly, so chances are you will be fitting right in no time. As soon as you move into your new place the process of adaptation can begin. Unpacking is boring but that will be the beginning of your new life in Arizona. Start by getting to know your next-door neighbors. After that, you can start by exploring the neighborhood and the city. Find new and fun things you can all do together. That way the whole process of adaptation will be shortened. Kids will get excited about the new adventures and everything will be just great. Just be careful, even though this global pandemic is less scary now you should still take extra care and wear masks in closed space. Also washing hands whenever possible will be good for you. This is important to mention since you will be socializing with new neighbors soon. Good luck!