Best way to pack shoes for storage

Some pieces of stuff are more important than others. It may sound crazy, but during the move, we tend to pay more attention to certain things. There is a strange connection between people and their shoes. They are expressions of style, the way to be different and to make a big change with the small stuff. Taking care of them is important, whether you move or trying to declutter your space. Storage is the perfect solution for your surplus stuff and you have to know the best way to pack shoes for storage.

There is the best way to do it

Shoes can pose quite a big subject when packing for storage or moving, besides packing your large wardrobe. They can be unwieldy, they come in different shapes and sizes, they had different prices, and some of them have an emotional value. Somehow they always represent an extra task when the season is changing, during the moving or rearranging your place. Therefore, the best way to handle this is to pack shoes for storage. This will be helpful if you are not planning to wear them for a longer period. Like everything else, packing shoes takes some time, and having some tips in the sleeves will help you to pack your shoes for storage correctly. Do not skip the steps:

  • Select and separate
  • Divide them by the season
  • Stuff the shoes
  • Boxing best pairs
Do it right

What are you wearing right now?

First of all, you need to make a selection of shoes you want to keep. Most likely there will be some old pair that you are not eager to wear but you don’t want to throw them away. This is the moment to make a throwaway decision. You just don’t want to store old shoes, especially if you don’t plan to wear them again. They will take some extra space in the storage and you will have to invest more money to store something you don’t need. You can donate them to someone who might need them if they are in good shape or take them for reparation if you love them so much.

Save some space in the house

This task is a simple one. You are supposed to separate your shoes on the seasons you wear them. Summer shoes, winter shoes, and spring/autumn shoes. This is a pretty straightforward task. You can rotate your collection twice a year and this way you will save some extra space in your house. Pack them in a smart way and maximize the space in the boxes.

Protect them from damage

The best way to pack shoes for storage and to protect them from damage is by stuffing them and packing them correctly. We don’t want them to deform during their rest in storage. Stuffing can be done with different materials. The simplest way is to use old socks. Besides this, you can stuff shoes with bubble wrap,  crumpled newspapers, or even clean packing paper. Depending on the style of the shoes,  maybe you will need more than pair of socks. This will help keep their form while being stored away.

Save the best for the end

Make your storage organized. You can face a mess if you are not organized and you need to find shoes and use them again. The best way to pack shoes for storage is to set up your priorities. During the process of storing try to take the best pairs, the ones you plan to use in the recent future and pack them separately. You can do the same thing with expensive ones and donut forget to put them on the side. After you take these pairs away, it is time to pack the rest of the shoes into packaging boxes. Label every box with a detailed description. This will help you to cope easily.

Take care of the special ones

The small stuff usually requires more attention and packing is not always easy. When decluttering your place will face some minor obstacles that will take you some time. It is of great importance to solve the problem in a fast and efficient way. Knowing the best way to pack shoes for storage will make your job much easier.