Best family neighborhoods in Phoenix

As the capital of Arizona, Phoenix is a bustling city, that is becoming a very popular place for the newcomers. Since it’s located in the middle of the desert, it can be a real climate shock for those that are coming from the northern parts. Still, there’s a great advantage of this weather – enjoying the outdoors during the whole year. And with such great entertainment offer, that is a big plus. Phoenix has a lot of other pros. That is why families are moving to this city in the great number. There are many great family neighborhoods in Phoenix, so you maybe have a hard time choosing the perfect one.

Moving with your family

If you think that your college moving was a drag, it’s a piece of cake comparing to moving with your family. In this case, it’s not just you in question – you have to make sure that the new place is suitable for every member of your household. Moving to Phoenix is much harder when you have to think about everyone’s, and just yours.
When deciding relocation with your family, here are some things that you have to consider:

Is everybody on board with the move?

You will have to make sure that each member of your family is ok with relocation to the new place. One unsatisfied member can make your life a living hell. Children are usually the ones that are resistant to such a big change. Especially teenagers. The key is to talk to them and explain to them the reasons why the relocation is necessary. Talk to them openly and treat them as equals. Emphasizes the good sides of the new city and exciting entertainment options that await them there. When they understand the reasons for the move and listen to the positive sides of the new place, they will be more eager to accept the change which will diminish the moving stress a lot.

Will you and your partner be able to find employment in the new town?

If you are moving to Phoenix because of work, be sure that your partner has the opportunity to find employment. Phoenix has a great job offer, but be sure to explore what is demand for the line of work that your partner is pursuing. If you are moving to Phoenix without workplace to wait for you there, then you shoud consider finding the job before the move.

Can you afford the living costs?

Compared to the rest of the nation, Arizona is in the middle pricing range considering the national average. Housing is the biggest expense, but you can always find an affordable home in some of the family neighborhoods in Phoenix.

Here are the monthly expenses that you should consider

  • House prices – The median sale price for two-bedroom homes is $156,000. Starting price of the homes with three bedrooms is $191,000, and $246,000 for four-bedroom homes.
  • Rent in Arizona – Renting units in Phoenix are very affordable. The rent of the three-bedroom apartment in the city center is about $1,761.82, which is very cheap comparing to the other similar cities in the U.S.       
  • Utilities – higher than average for about 5.6%
  • Food prices – Bit higher than average. Residents of Phoenix spend an average of 13.9% of their income on food, compared to the national average of 12.8%.
  • Gas – For the gallon of gas in Phoenix, you should pay $1.976, which is lower than the national average.
  • Public transportation – Monthly metro pass will cost you $64, while the monthly bus ticket is $36.00.
  • Taxes – Average effective property tax rate in Arizona is just 0.84%, which is lower than the national average. Income taxes range from 2.59% to 4.54%, which is also on the low side for state income taxes in the U.S.
Before choosing one of the the perfect family neighborhood in Phoenix, make sure that you can afford moving to Arizona.
In Phoenix, you can drive cheaper than in the other similar American cities.

Features of the great family neighborhood

As said, there are many great family neighborhoods in Phoenix. That is very important when you are moving with a family. Downtown maybe more interesting to you, but you have to think about all the members of your family. So before you start searching for the good mover’s company for your relocation, consider all the features that your new home has to have.
By this criteriums, you can recognize is the neighborhood family-friendly:

  • It is very safe and has a minimal crime rate
  • Streets are safe, meaning that there’s minimum traffic
  • It has an excellent school district
  • The streets are lightened and covered by surveillance
  • There is plenty of open space
  • It has various sports and children suitable activities
  • There are great entertainment options, but without wild nightlife that can endanger your family or your peace
Best family neighborhoods have a lot of open space.
Vast open space where your children can play is very important when choosing the perfect family neighborhood.

Best family neighborhoods in Phoenix

When we said that there are many family neighborhoods in Phoenix, we really meant it. There are over 30 municipalities that are perfect for raising a family. There is an abundance of choices and there’s no doubt that one of this family neighborhood in Phoenix fulfill all the requirements that you need.


There is something charming about the historic houses built in the era from 1920’ to 1950’. These houses are dotting the Arcadia area. Making it one of the most beautifull family neighborhood in Phoenix. One of the finest schools are located right here, as well as some of the best shopping spots. Still, the beauty has its price, so the homes here are pretty expencive.


With plenty of affordable housing choices, this neighborhood has quality schools and almost nonexistent crime rate. There is a lot of playgrounds and entertainment for the children. Cute restaurants and shopping malls are great for adult relaxation, while the numerous parks are perfect for family fun. Within this neighborhood is the Eastmark Great Park, the famous gathering spot, where the whole family can enjoy.

Eastmark Great Park is an ideal place for the whole family.


The community of the Verrado is the true example of a master-planned community, and one of the best family neighborhoods in Phoenix. The excellent school system will boost your children education, and the housing options are endless. There’s no doubt that you can find a home from your dreams, that fulfills the needs of your entire family. Verrado has 66 parks, Water Park, intricate trail system and a golf course, providing the entertainment options for all ages.