Best cities for families in Massachusetts

Moving to Massachusetts has many advantages, especially if you are moving with family. Low unemployment rate and superb education system are more than enough to help you decide for this amazing state. However, when you have so many great options, picking the best city is not always easy. With that in mind, I decided to talk about the best cities for families in Massachusetts.

A view of Boston
Boston is one of many great cities in Massachusetts

Best cities for families in Massachusetts

Whatever city you pick, you won’t make a mistake. Each has a unique feel and spirit. Nevertheless, here are the most popular locations for 2019.


Being the biggest city in Hampshire County, Amherst is rich with top colleges. Among many things to know when moving with children, discovering where the best education towns are is number one on the list. Most famous educational buildings in Amherst are Hampshire College, Amherst College, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst, also known as Umass. It is known as the most prominent public university in New England. All three provide education to more than 35,000 students in total. If I tell you that town has around 43,000 people, you can see why people choose it as a location for raising a family.

The University of Massachusetts Amherst
The University of Massachusetts Amherst is one of the most prominent universities in New England


If you choose to move to Middlesex County, Bedford is the place for you. A small town, with around 14,000 residents, it offers a warm and cozy atmosphere for raising a family. Bedford’s admirable history marks it as a truly fantastic place to live. Bedford Free Public Library is home to the oldest surviving flag from the American Revolutionary War. This is only one of many historic landmarks in this area. Because Bedford has the potential to grow and develop more and more, many young couples and families choose it as their living destination. If you are one among them, the first step would be to find an affordable moving company, like, and start the relocation process!


Eastern bank of the Connecticut River hides this jewel of a town called Springfield. The City of First, known for many innovations, is the third largest city in Massachusetts. People count is around 150,000. However, this is not the only nickname Springfield has. It is also known as the City of Homes, because of the fantastic architecture. But, one of the most known nicknames is the City of Hoops. A truly appropriate name for the birthplace of basketball.

A girl doing homework
When choosing the best city to raise a family, education is one of the most important decisive factors

Springfield also offers phenomenal higher education. Just look at
Western New England University, Springfield College,
Springfield Technical Community College, and American International College. It will be much easier to deal with moving stress if you know what awaits at the destination.


If for some reason you don’t pick Springfield, maybe you’ll decide to move to one of the neighboring towns, called Longmeadow. Compared to its older brother, it has only around 15,000 residents. Nevertheless, the people count doesn’t make it any less desirable place to live. It excels in public and private education, and here is where you can find one of the more prominent music programs in the country. If you are looking for proof, just look at many gold medals won at the MICCA¬†competition.


A fantastic neighboring town in Massachusetts, Newtonville is a perfect place for a family. It gives an urban, but warm feeling. Adults can enjoy many restaurants and bars, while kids can play in many beautiful parks.

It’s a friendly place. If you like long walks, you’ll have plenty of opportunities. Walking routes are everywhere to be found. Commuting is easy because of the rail stop. This active community offers a fantastic chance to raise your kids in the proper way.

Schools are also superb. Quality education is essential for raising children, and Newtonville delivers in this sector. If you need more info, just do a research online, and check reviews of other families living here.


Even thou it has around 25,000 people, Wakefield still has the feel of a small town. That’s what makes it so special, and why I chose to put it on the list of the best cities for families in Massachusetts. The community in Wakefield will make you feel like a local in no time. It is the town of prosperity, and everyone has the “get things done” attitude. One of the more beautiful places is lake Quannapowitt. If you are into the rustic feel with a hint of modern progress, start looking for moving assistance in Wakefield, MA.


Living in Waban gives you an opportunity to enjoy in a suburban lifestyle. It is not only a perfect plaice to raise a family, but it’s also fantastic for elderly.

There are plenty of educational groups for children all ages. A safe and friendly environment like Waban is a destination you’ve been looking for.

Public school system is excellent, and it gives a proper opportunity for your kids to prepare for college. Not only that, but to prepare for life as well.

Pick your town and start moving

Hopefully, this list of the best cities for families in Massachusetts will be more than enough for you to pick where to move. If not, I advise you to go online and research a bit more. You will find many other fantastic locations to move with your family. Whatever Massachusetts town you choose, one thing still remains true. You will not make a mistake!