Auto shipping mistakes that are easy to avoid

Are you occupied with the whole mess of transporting your stuff from one place to another? And as if this was not too much to cope with already, here comes another task to handle. The transportation of your car. Although this is not really the first thing you will think about in the process of relocation, it eventually comes into consideration. And now you have to figure out the best way to transport your car to a certain point. Thousands of car transportation companies are present everywhere. Of course, the service they can provide varies not only in its quality but also in the reliability. And you need to find the best one, since your car may be one of your most precious possessions. Well, there comes our part. We offer you some of the most common auto shipping mistakes to avoid.

Make good research – avoid unnecessary surprises

Before making any serious steps, decide what you really need. Think well about what kind of a company you want, what are some of the conditions that it needs to fulfill. Then, make good research. When you think about sending your automobile to another state, it is always important to know what the market offers. The number of given companies is huge, and so is the variety of services they may provide.

Luckily, in these modern times, every auto shipping company has its own website. And this is the easiest way to get insight into their services. However, if you want some more information, you can always call their operators and ask crucial questions. But be careful, never forget to read and ask for all the terms and conditions. Sometimes, especially in a hurry, people overlook some of them and are caught by surprise when the vehicle arrives at the given destination.

There is a map and a small black toy car on the map.
When moving your car to another state or town, there is a lot of things you have to know.

Not calculating the costs – one of the auto shipping mistakes to avoid

One of the common mistakes that people make when hiring a car shipping company is that they do not estimate all the costs in advance. First of all, for every big step we want to make in our life, we need to be prepared financially and in advance. It is always good to know whether our budget is ready for any kind of change.

Now when choosing shipping services, the cheapest ones are not always the best ones. You want a company to be good and reliable, too, like for example Golans Moving and Storage. But there is, of course, the question of the price you’ll have to pay. Bear in mind that these kinds of shipping costs depend hugely upon the size of the vehicle, or the very distance it would be moved along. And in order to find the best one, compare all the available companies. See what each of them includes in its offer, and search for some benefits. Yet, again you should pay a lot of attention to the contract you sign. Don’t be lazy and read it closely! See if there are any hidden fees or costs, or any kind of non-refundable deposits.

There is a calculator, a piece of paper with some numbers and a pen- not making a good calculation is one of the auto shipping mistakes to avoid.
Calculate the costs well.

Not having all the papers

When you are moving, you give your best to avoid any troubles. You play according to the rules, and you try to follow all of them. However, there are plenty of things you should know when you are, for example, moving abroad. And when you want to move your vehicle to some other place, there is a list of auto shipping mistakes to avoid, especially when it comes to the documentation. Here comes a shortlist of the papers you will unavoidably need:

  • a bill of lading
  • a vehicle registration document
  • a certificate of insurance
  • a vehicle inspection report

These documents are important because they are proof that the vehicle is yours, and that the company is allowed to ship it freely.  What’s more, with the last-mentioned report the company will record all the damages that they notice on your vehicle. They do this to protect themselves, but also to protect your rights, too. When your car finally reaches the destination, here comes another check. Both you and the company would be able to see whether there are any additional damages done to the car during transportation. Finally, remember this – make a copy of all the papers you give to them, just in case.

There is a typing machine and many papers flying above it.
Don’t forget to collect all the necessary documentation.

The question of insurance

A good auto shipping company will likely offer you insurance for your vehicle. And remember that not having one, is the worst decision you can make, especially when it comes to car transportation. Ask the company to give their offer. If you consider that is not enough, it is always possible to increase it by paying some extra money to the company.

Not making the necessary preparations – another among auto shipping mistakes to avoid

People usually think this way: “Why not make some extra use of my auto shipping and transport some of my belongings in it, too”. And yes, this is a good idea, generally spoken. But yet, let’s think a little bit more. First of all, there is always a weight limit of the personal stuff that can travel in your car while transporting. What’s more, there are certain companies that do not allow this kind of action at all. So, here is a piece of advice. When you are preparing your car for shipping the best thing you can do is to empty your car completely. By doing this, you would not only respect the rules but also protect your things from being stolen or just taken away by the Department of Transport during the move.

When coping with the moving process there is a lot of things to consider, seriously. Moreover, when you have to organize your car transportation as well, it may seem a little bit too much. And in all that mess mistakes happen, naturally. Thus, be prepared. See our list of auto shipping mistakes to avoid, and don’t let yourself be lost in the possible chaos that may follow. Just be careful and good luck!