Arizona family’s guide to the nicest neighborhoods in NYC

When you make that big decision to move, but to move with your family you probably have the greater goal. Giving yourself and your family members a chance for a better life should be the top priority. Usually, in this situation, we are looking for a larger city, with a greater number of people. The bigger the city, the greater possibilities and greater chances to get the right opportunity for success. There is no bigger city with so many chances on every turn than Big Apple. Wherever you are moving from, try to provide the best conditions for your family. The best start is to find the nicest neighborhoods in NYC. When you have a good starting point, everything else would be easier.

The nicest neighborhoods in NYC

If you are moving with your family, it is essential to find them the perfect home. All of you are going to need time to adapt to the big city, so it is best if you have a cozy place to live. can be your number one ally when moving. With them, you won’t have to worry about the problems that relocation can cause. Save your time and energy for your loved ones and for exploring this great city. NYC is so big that some saying it becoming a megalopolis. This city is the center of the world. One of the greatest stock market centers is here, this is where the world’s spin, this is where power is gained and lost. All major company headquarters are sited here.

Statue of Liberty
This is the center of the world

Things to consider

This city has it all, even the place for newcomers and the nice and small neighborhood for families. When choosing a place for your family, consider all the factors:

  • How much you are willing to pay for the new home?
  • Are you going to live in the house or in the apartment?
  • Accessibility to the essential institutions.
  • Safety in the neighborhood.

According to that, try to find the best option. In NYC the choice is great and with a little effort, you can find whatever you need. To begin your quest, we suggest you consider the nicest neighborhoods in NYC. Let them serve you as a guide and landmark for finding your perfect residence.

Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park is a small neighborhood. Manhattan does not have private parks, except for this one. Park is known as a true gem of the island and is considered to be the prettiest of them all. This is the most convenient neighborhood in the city. It is surrounded whit the East Village, NoHo, Chelsea, Union Square, and NoMad, Union Square Park, and Madison Square Park and everything you might need in this neighborhood are 5 minutes away from you. There is something for everybody in here. Schools here are top-notch. Few of the best New York restaurants are here and if you like taverns and old-school design, this is the place to be. Prices here are a bit higher than usual but this is in the center of events. You can find great moving services around here that can help you to relocate to your new address without stress.

Gorge Washington Bridge
Build your life from the start

Washington Heights

Washington Heights is not so small neighborhood but is soulful and lovely. This place is cheaper in ways of rent or buying a home. Home is here something different in ways of architecture. This is the pre-war neighborhood with gorgeous Beaux-Arts details. The most important thing is that, during the move, locals are always willing to help. Local movers can help you with relocating your stuff to your new address in the best way possible. Moving with your family does not have to be a stressful thing. After stationing in Washington Heights you can visit some of the great Latin restaurants around here. Fort Tryon Park is a treasure of this place for spending time with your loved ones and among many things, the view of the Hudson River from here is better than on movies. It is almost like a fantasy.

Carnegie Hill

Carnegie Hill spans from 96th street on the north side to 86th street on the south and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis reservoir on the west bank to 3rd avenue on the east side. This is a luxury neighborhood, in close vicinity to two major hospitals and Central Park around the corner. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis reservoir on the west side bank of this neighborhood is a big part of Central Park. Famous museums Guggenheim, gorgeous pre-war townhomes, the prestigious Hunter College Elementary school that looks like a castle. All of this packed into one charming neighborhood.

Central Park
You can spend a wonderful time here

This is most definitely one of the nicest neighborhoods in NYC. Schools in this are elite, many cafes and dining locals are the souls of the Central Park area. You can have an exciting and fulfilled life after you move here.


West Village

West village lies on a Hudson river which is west bank to 6th avenue on the east side. Beautiful architecture tucked away coffee shops, and even Carrie Bradshaw’s and Friend’s apartment is the perfect description of West village.

New York street
You will love these places

This is the classic New York as you can get. West Village offers is packed with a lot of historic homes and shops. West Village is a charming place for living but limited housing space here means that life here is expensive but this neighborhood has some great benefits. If you are moving, locals can help you a lot, and teams in the area are great and professional. It is important to have people you can trust when moving somewhere new.

Silver lake

Silver lake is a bit bigger neighborhood located on Staten Island but the busy hustle has avoided this charming place. The life you are going to live in here is not like in other parts of Big Apple. You can have a peaceful, calm, slow, and nice life here. Park is literally half of this gem, with its many golf courses. Lake is charming and warm. Restaurants here and small and cozy. This place offers a lot of dead-end streets which means privacy, something New York forgot to offer in other places. This is the place of large households and only a few apartment buildings along Victory boulevard. Buying a house here is a bit hard and involves a lot of waiting for something to show up.

 NYC is the largest metropolitan area in the world divided into five boroughs. Each of them is split into many neighborhoods and it is a serious quest to find the proper one, according to your needs. On the bright side, you can always follow a family guide to the nicest neighborhoods in NYC and try to find the best place for yourself based on that. The most important thing to follow is that you should be happy and together, wherever you are.