Arizona family’s guide to Tennessee

The distance from Arizona to Tennessee is almost 1,500 miles. Which is exactly a one-day continuous drive. So it should better be worth your whole time and planning. In case you received an overnight promotion out of nowhere, here are someĀ tips for moving on short notice Whichever scenario you`re in, normal or fast pace, you also need to take your loved ones with you. Here is an Arizona family`s guide to Tennesse which could make it a lot easier for your future move.

Low cost of living

When it comes to the cost of living, Arizona is cheaper than the US average. But get this, the cost of living gets usually even lower in Tennesse. Either you choose to set your future residency in Nashville, Memphis, or Knoxville, you will find shopping, groceries, and even the real estate industry to be so much affordable than most of the other US countries. It has earned its position among the top 5 most affordable US countries, because of its reasonable pricing all over the state.

People taking a stroll on a street.
Beale Street is significant in the history of Memphis.

So, if you`re ready to take advantage of the money stress-free life, start looking for some professional movers that are eager to make your dream come true. Always look for reputable movers with good recommendations. You can check them out by accessing their website simply by browsing They will kindly assist you with a moving quote at more than reasonable prices.

Unemployment rates are the lowest in the US

An aspect that couldn’t have missed from this Arizona family’s guide to Tennessee. Volunteer State has one of the best job markets in the whole US. This is why the unemployment rate has dropped to almost 3% in the past few years. So, just in case you took a risk by deciding to move here, you will for sure find a job in no time. There is plenty to do here, so don`t even think you`ll get to starve.

Tennessee is a very diverse state

Nashville is the US capital of country music. Knoxville is the gateway to the gorgeous Smoky Mountains and also the hometown of the film director, Quentin Tarantino. And of course, let`s not forget that Elvis has lived almost his entire life in Memphis. These are the 3 largest cities by area and also by population in the whole state of Tennessee. If you’re considering moving here, better read a brief moving guide of the neighboring area. You can learn about the process to get a complete picture of what suits you best.

Graceland sign in Memphis, Tennessee.
Elvis Presley has lived almost his entire life in Memphis, TN.

A few last tips

We hope that our Arizona family’s guide to Tennessee was helpful in the decision-making process and that you are no longer unsure regarding your next step. And just in case the date for moving is coming fast and you still have a lot of stuff to pack, we suggest you consider how to organize a successful garage sale. This might be of great use in case you are planning to get rid of some of the unnecessary things in your house. Better sell the old ones now and replace them once you get to Volunteer State.