A detailed plan for Arizona to California relocation

Arizona to California relocation might sound a bit intimidating at first since it’s pretty far away. That’s reasonable since you are probably spiraling thinking about everything that you need to do before but it doesn’t have to be scary at all. In fact, if you have time you can make this move an easy and stress-free experience that you will fondly remember one day. Of course, you will be needing some help from professionals and modern technology. Don’t worry, we will share all the details and the whole plan for your hassle-free relocation. You just relax and read on. Surely you will be glad you did.

Your first step in this Arizona to California relocation journey

If you think that your journey will start with packing you couldn’t be more wrong – there are many ways to simplify a move and preparations are key. There is plenty to do before if you want to do everything right. The first thing you should do is declutter your Arizona home. Yes, decluttering is something people usually do in the spring but this is actually a perfect occasion to do so. If you do the decluttering now before you even start packing chances are you will have less to pack, be more organized and of course, you will get rid of everything that you no longer need and use. It’s a win-win combination. All you need is a few days or with a help of a few family members or friends, you can do it even quicker. Then you will be more enthused about your next step which is relying on modern technology.

Use all the advantages of modern technology

Your phone is like an amazing personal assistant that knows everything and it can fit inside your back pocket. How cool is that? Now we have apps for just about everything. If you didn’t know there are even apps for packing and moving. The reason they exist is to help you with your relocation. They are able to help you with organization, logistics, finding, and hiring reliable movers like Good Neighbors Moving Company. They can also help with making checklists while packing and many other things. The great thing about those apps is that they are (almost all of them) free to use. So, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Make sure to download some and explore them.

using apps to help you in your Arizona to California move
Use all the advantages you can. Especially free ones.

Before packing for your Arizona to California relocation

Before you start packing all your belongings stop and think. Do you have some packing material? Gather everything you have and then go shopping. There is no need to buy something that you already own. Instead of buying moving boxes check out plastic bins. You can rent them so you don’t have to deal with recycling like you have to with cardboard boxes. If you still want to go with regular moving boxes make sure to find some good quality ones. They will be keeping all your household belongings safe. Consider bubble wrap for all your breakable items too! Bubble wrap is an amazing tool for keeping everything safe. Packing paper can also be very useful.

Packing tips

We have some great packing tips for you to help you do this like a pro so make sure to apply them when the time comes for you to pack your household belongings for your California relocation :

  • pack by room
  • make sure to pack breakable items first and work your way around
  • make checklists as you pack so you don’t forget anything
  • label all moving boxes (that will make unpacking much easier later on)
  • put your checklists in moving boxes before taping them

If you sell the items you no longer need (from decluttering) you can add that money into your moving budget. For packing supplies or for movers. It can be very good for you to lower the costs of relocation as they tend to become pricy very quickly if you are not paying attention.

packing for Arizona to California relocation
Packing can be a nightmare or it can be fun it’s up to you.

Arizona to California relocation

Did you see everything that has to be done before relocation? Also, keep in mind that we haven’t discussed personal affairs and such like notifying everyone who needs to know about your new address or canceling subscriptions. If you are feeling stressed out try some apps for meditation and relaxation. They might be beneficial for your mental health. Sometimes the best way to handle relocation is to hire professional movers. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it on your own, but they have the equipment necessary and of course the manpower for it. They can do it quickly and simply put it better since that is their job. Many people do relocations this way so they can avoid any additional stress.

Settling in after your Arizona to California relocation

This is the last thing you need to do and you are done. As soon as you are settled in you can start exploring California. But before you do that you need to unpack. If you packed properly and labeled everything it might not be that difficult to unpack. Unless you are tired. There is a way to simplify the process of settling in – call local movers to help you out. They will be able to unpack you in no time. After you are done with unpacking and settling in all you need to do is furnish your home and maybe decorate it to make it your own and to feel at home. That is the fun part so chances are this won’t be a chore but something fun and interesting to do.

A cardboard moving box on the bed.
It’s important to unpack as soon as possible.

You are done

Good luck with your Arizona to California relocation. Hopefully, we helped you and pointed you in the right direction so now you know who to call and where to find appropriate help. Finding help usually is the key to having a hassle-free relocation.