7 household items you should store in a climate-controlled storage unit

Keeping a lot of things in your home can make it look messy and cluttered. This is why you have to regularly declutter your home. But we all have things we cannot get rid of. These could be things from our childhood, art, valuable things, or anything else you do not want to not own. If you do have such belongings, keeping them safe is certainly your priority. But what if you don’t have enough storage space at home? Well, in that case, renting a storage unit is the best thing to do. And if these things are sensitive and valuable, renting a climate-controlled storage unit is the best thing to do. And if you do not know just what are items you should store in a climate-controlled storage, we are here to tell you what we believe are seven household items you should store in a climate-controlled storage.


Everyone who owns any sort of jewelry should surely do their best to keep it in a safe place as jewelry is costly. Keeping your jewelry in a humid environment is not good. This will cause it to get damaged over time. Even though you can always clean it and make it look as good as new, it is best to prevent such a situation from happening as this is certainly going to cause damage to the jewelry. This is why we suggest you store in a climate-controlled storage unit any jewelry that you have to store away. Especially if it is old and valuable.

A climate-controlled storage unit is not humid. You can set the perfect temperature for the things you are keeping inside. But the temperature is not the only important thing when storing away sensitive items. You also have to make sure these things of yours are packed up nicely. So not only do you have to find a suitable space in order to store away these things but you also have to get suitable packing supplies. Finding climate-controlled storage units is easy these days and so is finding the right packing materials.

Golden rings.
Jewelry is easily damaged if not stored away correctly.

Wooden furniture

If you have some wooden furniture that you need to have stored away, you should definitely consider storing it in a climate-controlled storage unit. This way, your wooden furniture will persist looking as good as it looks the moment you place it in the storage unit. And if this furniture of yours is old and valuable, keeping it looking nice and not damaged is a priority.

When it comes to storing away wooden furniture, if it is bulky, you will certainly have a hard time transporting it to the unit. You should also take into consideration the fact that furniture is generally weighty and that not everyone should be lifting it and carrying it around. This is why if you have any furniture to be stored away, on mastermovingguide.com you can find some useful tips on how to relocate it from your home to the unit directly. This will save you lots of time and energy and will also keep you safe.

Wooden chair and table.
Wood can lose quality over time if being stored away incorrectly.


Any art is valuable and most of it is also delicate. Paintings are easily ruined if not kept the right way. Especially oil paintings. If you have any sculptures, no matter whether stone, wood, steel, or clay, you certainly want to keep them looking nice and fresh no matter how valuable they are. This is why if you have any artwork that you want to store away, you should certainly have it stored in a climate-controlled storage unit. This is where they will be safe.

Electrical household appliances

If you have any household appliances that you don’t use but you know you will need at some point, keeping them in a storage unit is a great idea if you do not have enough storage space at home. But you have to make sure that these appliances do work even after being stored away for a while. This might not be possible if you have these things stored away in just a regular storage unit. You will certainly need a climate-controlled one as it is where you will be able to control air humidity. There shouldn’t be any if you are storing away electrical appliances. You have to also pack electronics for storage correctly for which you will need certain packing materials.

Musical instruments

If you are a musician, you certainly love your musical instruments. No matter whether you only have two guitars or ten of them, certainly, they all mean equally to you as they are tools you use to create art and express yourself. As this is the case and as most musical instruments are rather costly as well as delicate, you certainly want to keep them safe when storing them away from your home. If that is the case, rent a climate-controlled storage unit so that you do not have to worry.

Musical instruments.
Musical instruments are delicate which is why you need to make sure you store them away properly.


A lot of us own plenty of clothing. Over the years we buy things we both do and don’t need because we like them. And some pieces that have a sentimental value as well as collector’s pieces, limited edition items, retro clothing, valuable branded items, are hard to get rid of. If you want to store clothing away no matter for how long, keep it in a storage unit that has climate control. This way your clothes will stay safe but only if you know just how to pack your clothes for storage.


If you have any documents to store away, you have to make sure you store them away nicely and safely. And the best way to do that is to store these documents in a climate-controlled storage unit. This is where they will stay safe and not damaged.