6 ways to make your post-retirement relocation from NYC to Arizona more manageable

Post-retirement relocation can be harder than any other. You are older now and heavy lifting is not a good idea now. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that your post-retirement relocation from NYC to Arizona will be horrible. In fact, if you follow the steps we show you chances are you will have an amazing moving experience. All you need is enough time to get ready, find the right help, and prepare for the moving day. There are many options available for seniors nowadays and we will show you some of our favorites. Just relax and keep reading.

Downsizing and decluttering should precede post-retirement relocation from NYC to Arizona

Many seniors are uprooted from the places they’ve spent their lives, including the house where they brought up their families. But downsizing can lead to far less upkeep stress and also more social possibilities, as well as saving you some money on home payments (allowing you to do the things and go places you’ve always wanted to do). In light of this, we have produced a list of suggestions for making the best of your retirement. Also, you should focus on getting rid of the things you no longer use. Even if that means getting rid of perfectly good appliances. Don’t bring unnecessary items into your new home. This is a perfect time for a new beginning – use it wisely. You can organize a garage sale and sell all the things you no longer need and earn some money to cover your moving costs. Moving as a senior is challenging but this will make things a bit easier.

packing for relocation
Packing will be much easier later on.

Think about moving to a smaller home

If you compare the prices in NYC and in Arizona you will see a huge difference and that is one of the reasons why seniors are moving to Arizona. Many will be tempted to buy a much bigger home, but do you really need it? It’s natural to feel anxious or sad about leaving your home, but there are many positive factors to think about as well especially if you move to a smaller place :

  • Expenses for repairs and upkeep are reduced
  • You will have a functional layout
  • An easier-to-navigate environment

Numerous retirees across the United States are opting to reduce their dwellings in favor of a more fulfilling and exciting existence. If you simplify your life and take charge of your finances, you’ll have more time and resources to pursue your passions, like taking that long-dreamed-of vacation. Keeping a huge, expensive house just because it brings back fond memories may not be the best use of your time and money.

Hiring professional movers

This is something that can make a huge difference during your post-retirement relocation from NYC to Arizona. Movers like divinemoving.com can do pretty much everything for you. In your golden years, you should forget about heavy lifting and hard work. You earned the right to relax now. Think about hiring professionals and having a stress-free relocation. Full-service moving companies can do pretty much everything for you nowadays starting from wrapping and packing all your household belongings.

movers moving furniture
Movers will make everything easier.

Senior relocation service

This is the best tip we have for you. There is a thing called “senior relocation service” and most good moving companies have this. It means that your movers will be fully equipped to handle you as a senior citizen without any additional stress no matter if you are mobile or not. This is something you should look for in your movers.

Packing can be a nightmare only if you don’t know this…

You don’t have to do it! Hiring professional movers can make all that go away. They can do all packing for you. In fact, they can do whatever you want them to. Do you need packing material? They can gather the right materials for you so you don’t have to run around looking for different moving boxes in a busy city like NYC.

You need to prepare for moving day

This is very important. Moving day is usually very hectic and it’s crucial to prepare yourself for it. The smart thing to do would be to pack one separate bag that will be dedicated to your moving needs and travel. Pack everything that you will need for your traveling day/days. There are things you must pack like meds if you use them on a daily basis. Also, documents, keys, and everything you really need to have with you. Some things are good to have like water, snacks/food, wet wipes, and such. Those are the things that will make the journey more comfortable. Trust us your relocation from NYC to Arizona will be much easier if you prepare well.

Two elderly women packing for relocation
Are you ready to go?

Feeling nostalgic is normal

This is something most people don’t even realize. That’s why we are here to tell you that no matter how much are you looking forward to this relocation – once you are all done you will start feeling a bit nostalgic. Some people miss little things like their favorite shops and spots and some miss family and friends. We all have something to miss. That is perfectly normal and the feeling will go away as soon as you make your new house (or an apartment) a home. But for that, you need to unpack, personalize a bit your new space and start getting to know your new neighborhood and neighbors. This is the best way to overcome the blues you will feel after moving from NYC to Arizona. Of course, if you see that the feeling is only getting worse you should find an expert to talk to in order to make the adaptation process easier for you.

Now that we told you how to make this relocation easier you are ready to do it. Remember – you don’t have to do everything on your own. Movers can help you with a big portion of this job. You just need to find reliable ones. We showed you our top pick and the rest is up to you. Good luck!