5 Reasons Why New Yorkers Move to Arizona

In the past couple of decades, and maybe even centuries, most people wanted to move to New York. No wonder why. New York is a land of dreams. However, because of that same reason, New York is now crowded and expensive. So, nowadays, we mostly see people leaving it. And, where do they go? Well, according to recent research, most of them move to Arizona. So, if you are interested in some reasons why soo many New Yorkers move to Arizona, keep on reading.

#1 Arizona Offers More Space

Maybe one of the most common reasons for people to move to Arizona is the fact that Arizona offers more space. Yes, everything is bigger there – houses, apartments, yards, sidewalks… And, that is definitely not something you can find in New York, unless, of course, you are a millionaire. So, why not move now? There are many ways you can move from NY to AZ on short notice, too.

A home in Arizona  that makes you want to move to Arizona .
If you want to be able to stretch your legs and get away from the concrete jungle, move to Arizona!

#2 Arizona is More Affordable

And, it goes without saying that New York is one of the most expensive places to live in the world. Housing, taxes, bills, groceries, and pretty much everything comes with a hefty price tag. In Arizona that is not the case! People there get more for their money and are able to live comfortably without constantly worrying about bills. So, if you too are tired of New York’s prices, and want to move to Arizona, call U. Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn to help you out. 

#3 Arizona is Less Crowded

If you lived in New York for even a month, you probably already hate the crowds. Traffic congestions, long lines at restaurants and shops, and tons of tourists on the streets are all part of New York. Some people actually enjoy that, as it is a part of a ‘Metropolitan Lifestyle’. But, others, simply have to move. That is another reason why New Yorkers move to Arizona. Trust us, adjusting after moving to Arizona will be easy!

#4 Arizona is Better for Raising a Family

Yes, when you think about Arizona, you probably imagine a desert. But, there is so much more to Arizona than that. There are many cities great for raising a family. They are safe, full of activities for children, and have great education and health care system. So, if you like what you hear, consider settling down far away from New York City, that is, settling down in Arizona. 

A family.
Arizona is great for raising a family. Just make sure to find a city that suits your needs!

#5 Arizona is Healthier

Last but definitely not the least reason why are New Yorkers moving to Arizona is health! Yes, when you decide to move to Arizona, you are also deciding to say goodbye to all the smog, exhaustion fuels, fast foods, concretes, etc. In Arizona, you will be able to breathe fresh air and start living a healthier lifestyle.