5 questions you must ask your mover

For some of us, moving can be exhausting. It is necessary to organize it well, plan carefully, pack everything… You must complete many tasks in a short period of time. And in the end, something can still go wrong! It can truly be exhausting. But there is a way for you to relocate and to stay away from these tasks. All you need to do is hire a professional to help you get the job done. But, before you decide to entrust them with your belongings, there are a few questions you must ask your mover.

In a sea of moving companies, you will need to find the best one to fit your specific needs. Every moving company can do the relocation for you. But, which one is the right one? Maybe we can help you with this decision. Here are the most important questions you must ask in order to get yourself the best moving company.

Are you properly licensed?

This is the most important question to start with. When you are trying to find reliable movers you will want to stay away from moving companies that are not licensed. If a moving company is properly licensed, it should have a license number given by the US Department of Transportation. Federal law obligates every moving company which travels across state lines to be licensed with the FMSCA. This way, if you want to check if a company is real or up to date, just check it with the FMSCA.

Federally issued license means a moving company is regulated by law and it is also bound with certain standards. If you go with a licensed moving company, you won’t be at risk of any moving fraud and your belongings will be in safe hands.

What kind of liability coverage do you provide?

Moving can be very unpredictable, even for professionals. Sometimes, during the relocation, your item can get a scratch or two or end up missing. These accidental damages don’t happen all the time but are possible. Whether you are moving only across the street or across the state borders, you will need to ask your mover about the extent of liability for the possible damage. Licensed interstate companies will offer you two solutions:

  • Full Value Protection
  • Released Value Protection – economical but minimal protection.
Broken glass is something to ask your mover about.
Even if you hire a reliable moving company, your items can sometimes get damaged. Think about that before the relocation.

Do you offer any additional services?

Every moving company is different and not all of them can provide you with the same service. Apart from moving itself, there are some additional services you should ask your movers about. Who knows, maybe you didn’t know you needed them. Some of the most common additional services moving companies can provide you with are:

  • Packing
  • Short and long-term storage
  • Piano moving
  • Handling of bulky items
  • Hoisting
  • Unpacking

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Can you provide me with a binding estimate of my move?

When deciding whether you should hire a professional or do it by yourself, the important factor is the cost of your move. Most companies will offer a non-binding estimate. But if you don’t want to have any unwelcomed surprises, ask your mover to give you a binding estimate. A binding estimate should include all add-ons and potential charges along the way. This means they will give the exact amount you’ll need to pay for their moving services. Your final charges can’t increase or decrease.

Also, you will want to know how they derive their estimate. Usually, local movers are priced per hour, while long distance movers are priced based on the distance and weight of your items. If a moving company’s price is based on cubic feet, do not hire them! To get an accurate estimate, arrange for your movers to perform an in-home visual survey. And don’t forget to ask your mover to give you a signed estimate in writing.

Calculator on a paper.
Ask your mover to give you a binding estimate if you want to know the exact cost of your move.

Are there any additional fees?

If you don’t want your bill to surprise you, inform yourself about possible additional fees. Some moving companies will charge you extra for handling a certain situation, while others won’t. For example, possible extra charges can be for a destination without easy access, building without an elevator, transportation of fragile items and so on. If you want to avoid these additional fees, ask your mover about them in advance.

Additional questions you must ask your mover for a long distance move

If you are preparing for a long distance move, you’ll probably want to know as much as you can about your relocation. A long distance move can be more stressful and requires you to pay more attention to its organization, especially if you are moving long distance to Miami. Miami is a metropolitan city, so there are more things to arrange before you can make your transition. Since it will cost you more than a short distance relocation, be sure you have all the necessary information.

  • Find a moving company which has a discount for a long distance move.
  • Ask your mover if your belongings will be insured. If it is necessary, consider paying for an additional insurance policy.
  • Duration of the move. Long distance moves can be tricky and can last longer than you would expect. Ask how long the move will take and whether you need to pay for storage if the truck needs to spend a night away from your home.

    Truck on the road.
    Long distance moving companies usually offer discounts.

This may seem like a large number of questions to ask your mover about, but you have every right to ask them anything you want. And if someone finds these questions boring or doesn’t want to answer them, he will only make your decision easier. Disregard that company and find the one that will meet your needs.