5 pieces of advice for moving from San Antonio to Phoenix this fall

Moving to another state is a big challenge and a change in life. The first step in this process is to organize a relocation. If you are moving from San Antonio to Phoenix this fall, make sure to prepare everything in advance and still, make this move easier to handle. The distance between San Antonio, TX and Phoenix, AZ is around 1000 miles, which is considered a long-distance relocation. Long-distance relocations are more complex, but they are not impossible to organize. With the right moving guide, you will have a smooth and successful move from Texas to Arizona.

Tips for moving from San Antonio to Phoenix.
Search for moving tips and move like a pro.

What to know when moving from San Antonio to Phoenix?

How to prepare for moving to another state? One of the first things that come to people’s minds is that it must be very expensive. But, it is not always the case. Yes, setting a long-distance relocation budget is a thing you need to do prior to moving, but, there are some other steps to finish as well.

If you are moving for the first time, ask and search for advice. Make a moving checklist and find a moving guide to follow. This way, your relocation (no matter where you are moving) will be easier and better organized. With 5 simple rules, you can save your sanity when moving to another state. Here comes the list.

A checklist for moving from San Antonio to Phoenix.
Make a checklist when moving from San Antonio to Phoenix.

#1 Packing for a long-distance relocation

Packing for a long-distance relocation will take you more time. It is not the same way of packing when moving locally and long-distance. To pack for a move from Texas to Arizona, first declutter and decide what to take, toss, and donate/sell. Therefore, make 3 categories and start with packing on time because it is the most time-consuming task when moving. How much time it will take? Well, it depends on the size of the items you want to move. Fewer items, less time to pack.

Gather enough packing supplies such as moving boxes, air bubble foil, duct tape, and other similar materials. Start with packing your basement or garage because you probably don’t need those items before the moving day. The last box you should pack is an essential moving box (a.k.a open first box).

#2 Hiring a moving company

For moving from San Antonio to Phoenix with ease, hire professional movers with experience in moving long-distance. Explore moving companies from San Antonio and hire a reliable and reputable one. To engage experts from your area, explore what services they can offer and ask for a moving estimate, so you will know the accurate moving costs in advance. Moving from one state to another requires knowledge and experience. 

Contact a few different moving companies and compare them. This way, you will get the best mover for your relocation. Also, ask friends for recommendations if they know a reliable mover. Read online moving reviews from past clients and make sure that the company is trustworthy.

A moving guide.
Let professionals do all the hard work!

#3 Choosing the right neighborhood in Phoenix for you

Phoenix is not a small city. It is home to almost 4.7 million people which is twice as many as San Antonio. Also, it has plenty of different neighborhoods to offer. Neighborhood for families with kids, young professionals, college students, and seniors. Something for everyone. Choosing the right location is an important part of the moving process. Some of the best neighborhoods to move to are:

  • North Mountain Village
  • Ahwatukee Foothills
  • Old Town Scottsdale
  • Desert View
  • Downtown Phoenix
  • Alhambra
  • Paradise Valley Village

#4 Renting a storage unit when moving

A lot of people need a storage unit when moving or after moving. For example, a new house is not ready for moving in, or you need to make some renovation, or it is too small for all your items – where will you put your household items? A storage unit is one of the options because it is safe and affordable. Store your items in one of the State to State Move‘s storage units and keep them in a safe place while moving.

#5 Exploring Phoenix before moving

To know what to expect after moving, you need to explore before moving. The first thing to explore is where to move and to find a house where to live. The housing options are very affordable, so start by searching online first. If you are moving with kids, explore schools and visit them in person. Know where to shop for groceries, and eat, where is the doctor’s office, parks for dogs, parks for kids, and what are the costs of living.

Pros of living in Phoenix, AZ

Why do people leave San Antonio and move to Phoenix? What are the advantages of moving to Phoenix, Arizona, and what this state has to offer you? One part of the process of moving from San Antonio to Phoenix is to explore the place where you will live. So, know where you are moving to and what to expect after relocation.

  • The costs of living are affordable
  • Housing is also affordable
  • The economy is growing and Phoenix is becoming one of the fastest-growing cities in the US
  • Plenty of art districts
  • Close proximity to nature and outdoor activities
  • Mild winters
  • Easy parking and no traffic jams
  • Beautiful neighborhoods


Know when you know that moving from San Antonio to Phoenix does not have to be that hard and impossible to successfully complete, do not waste your time, and start to prepare and move to a new house this fall. After moving, explore Phoenix and try interesting and new things. This city has a lot to offer. It is fun and exciting. Adjust to a new environment and meet people. Find your favorite spot in the city and you will feel like a local. Every beginning is hard, especially if this is your first relocation out of state, but try to say yes to new things.