5 challenges of moving from Arizona to Canada

Relocation is never easy. Every move is a life-altering experience that you have to get used to. Moving to another country can be even more difficult. A move to Canada is not that different. If you are moving from Arizona to Canada there is a whole set of challenges to deal with. In all fairness even though US and Canada are so close and similar there is a culture shock to moving there. Aside from the difficult US to Canada international moving process it also demands a period of adaptation for many Americans. However, this is not preventing thousands of them from moving there each year.

In short about Canada

Canada is a great country and an amazing destination. It is a welcoming society with has a diverse culture and a booming economy. As such it is a magnet for people from all over the world. They are in turn adding to the diversity of Canada. So in big cities like Ottawa, you can experience a whole pallet of languages, races, religions, and lifestyles. This diversity makes all newcomers have a change of view and leads people to evolve and accept and adjust to this diversity.

Whatever your reasons for moving from Arizona to Canada are, you will have to accept this and adapt. Whether you are moving there for a job opportunity, in seek of a better life, free healthcare, or education you will have to deal with different challenges.  So, explore resources on professionalmoverottawa.com to ease your relocation and make sure you are prepared for Canada.

Canada city skyline moving from Arizona to Canada
Canada has a lot to offer for all moving here from Arizona

To help you out in your preparation we can present you with some challenges you have to deal with. Although there are many of them we should point out the key 5 challenges to tackle. Overcoming them will be key for your successful move and settling in Canada.

  • Migration
  • Eligibility
  • Jobs and career
  • Cities
  • Culture

Here is what you should know.


A migration process to Canada can take time to complete and can be a costly endeavor. However, if you are moving from Arizona to Canada you are in luck. Newcomers from the US have a different and preferential treatment when moving in for education and business. The procedure is simpler and easier. But be clear the migration process can be costly.

Due to the problem of fraud when coming to Canada the migration process takes time and can last for as long as years. To remedy this, Canada has websites that can help you in determining your eligibility and making the process simpler. Also, there are many different ways of moving to Canada through different programs such as Expres Entry which makes the process a bit easier.

Drawing of a hand issuing visas
The migration process can be difficult and costly


Know if you are eligible for citizenship in Canada. Although Canada is open and welcoming it has strict rules about coming in. If you have a criminal record, an inadmissible family member, or you removing for only financial reasons you will be inadmissible. If you are not in one of these categories you can apply for temporary entry. After that, you can try to become a citizen. US citizens however can easily move for work or studies to Canada due to many mutual agreements. However, to become a citizen you must be a skilled worker or a businessman ready to invest. This means that generally, US citizens do not have many barriers to citizenship in Canada. But, the process may take time and some effort to complete.

Jobs and career

Canada has a booming economy. It is a country that is great for starting a new job and career. The option of moving here through a skilled workers program is proof that Canada offers growing career opportunities. You can also move here without a job offer. In this case, you must be recognized as a skilled worker that is needed in Canada. Migrants have a diverse job market to look for in Canada. Everything from engineering, IT, marketing, and so on is on the table for migrants moving here. So, getting a dream job can be a great motive for starting your relocation here from Arizona. However, keep in mind that you should have a plan before moving. You should have a job already lined up before you start your move.


There are many big cities to choose from when moving to Canada. Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Quebeck city are just some of the places to choose from. These are centers of business and economy and great education centers, As such, they draw in many people for many different reasons. In this way, Canada is not that different from the United States. It has an urban metro feel and culture. Once you decide where you want to settle down you can search for adequate help. You can always turn to experts nearby that can provide local assistance. Luckily Canada and Ottawa in particular don’t have a shortage of skilled movers to help out. However, Canada is a big country with lots more to offer. So you can always search for a smaller community and quieter lifestyle.

Ottawa sign
Ottawa, in particular, is one of the best cities for people moving from Arizona to Canada


The difference in culture proves to be a challenge when moving to Canada. It has a specific history and unique culture that you have to get used to. However, migrants are expected to integrate into a society and culture that may be quite different from theirs. There is a different system of morals, norms, and values that Canda society harbors. So until migrants are accustomed to these new conditions the relocation may prove to be difficult and challenging.

A few other points

All of these challenges are just the most dominant ones. There is even more. From costly housing, difficulty obtaining IDs, to the weather there is much that you have to get accustomed to. Canada is a great place to live in and this is one of the reasons why Canada and Ottawa are among the best places to move to in North America. However, it is different. So, arm yourself with patience as the whole relocation and adaptation process may be stressful and long. In conclusion, it is clear that all those moving from Arizona to Canada can have difficulties while relocating. However, with proper preparation and knowing the potential challenges well in advance, it can be manageable. This can make the whole process easier to handle and manage.